Thursday, 25 July 2019


As I'll be at TAUNTON'S VINTAGE & SALVAGE FAIR at Woodlands Castle on Sunday, I thought I'd better dig out a bit of proper salvage!!

And at the back of the ArtPix Storeroom I found this classic example ...

A salvaged, very old and very rusty boot scraper!!!

Its purpose is of course in the name!
Always placed at the front door of a house, they would have been a handy way of getting rid of the worst of the mud from the grimy streets or lanes outside.

My first thought was Victorian, probably early Victorian, but looking at the style and decoration, could actually be Georgian.
Which makes this piece very interesting indeed!!

It can still be used as a scraper if you wanted, but it might be nice if it could live out its retirement inside the house, maybe as a doorstop!!

If you want this unusual item, then run along to Taunton's Vintage & Salvage Fair this Sunday!!!

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