Thursday 31 December 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!?????!!!!!

Lets hope it's a good one ...



Let me also hope there weren't too many grammatical errors in that statement either. (Lets, let's????), (it's, its?????) ...

But after this year, who cares ...

TOMMY DOCHERTY (1928-2020)

A final kick in the wotsits from the year 2020 was the sad news of the passing of Tommy Docherty.

The media will lead that he was Man Utd's manager, but it was in the Swinging Sixties, down on the King's Road, that he made his name as the brilliant young manager of Chelsea.
The Doc made the club into a super-fashionable vibrant team full of young players, playing in one of the coolest kits around. 
One of my biggest regrets as a Blue, is not having seen that team of the 60s play.
The Chelsea website have an excellent write-up of his career at the Bridge.

Monday 28 December 2020


Got this gorgeous wooden toy car from France here ...

This unusual looking Citro├źn 2CV was made by the French toy makers Vilac.

They are renowned for making quirky, retro-style cars and toys in bright colours. And they have been doing so since 1911.

It has a real charm about it ... and lucky you, this is for sale!!

So get shopping on Facebook Marketplace HERE

Thursday 24 December 2020

Wednesday 23 December 2020


Remembering my Dad today, who sadly passed away on this day three years ago.

Never forgotten ...

Saturday 19 December 2020


I've got one of these unusual 1960s cameras for sale ...



They are hard to find nowadays, and have cult status amongst photographers.


Initially made as a cheap-and-cheerful camera for fairgrounds and seafront gift shops, they unintentionally became iconic items.


Like their better known contemporaries, the Diana cameras, they can produce bizarre and strange photographs.


They have a habit of letting in light, which creates unexpected light effects, blurry dreamlike atmospheres and saturated colours.


The joy for photographers is that no two photos are the same, so there is always a surprise to see what you actually get!

Such was their uniqueness, that a whole genre has been created to categorise them, called Lomography.

The example I have for sale, includes its original box, PLUS an unused film!



Its up on the Facebook Marketplace, so have a peep HERE


And here is my own example of how Lomography looks ...



Monday 14 December 2020


This is my pic of the day, taken this year in Symondsbury in Dorset, on a very rare outing.

The shapes, colours and sheer age of the bricks and stones just caught my eye.


To be honest, inspiration is in short supply these days for my blogs, but I want to keep things going. 


I seem to have a loyal band of about 6 people who read them!!!!

So THANK YOU for taking the time to have a look, it is much appreciated.


I'm hoping for a surge of creativity in the new year, to get a few of my art projects up and running again.

Wednesday 9 December 2020


I'm selling these four fantastic Cup-A-Soup cups!!


They make a great retro display, or can be used, as they are in perfect condition.


Dating to the late 70s/early 80s, they come in their original cardboard box, and would make a great little Xmas pressie!!

Get shopping HERE

Friday 4 December 2020


The Customs House was featured on the ITV South West News tonight, in a feature about West Bay!!!

Bev, who runs the place, was interviewed.

Unfortunately I missed it, but here is a follow-up article about it on the ITV website ... HERE


Pop in over this weekend, and get spending, it will help small, independent traders!!!!


Just one of the many things I'm selling via the Facebook Marketplace is this lovely box.


It was probably handmade especially to hold all the shoe shining brushes and polishes.

And has the great little inventive touch of having an angled lid at the top, making it much easier to do the polishing when you placed the shoe on it. I love that!


Included inside are some original brushes and bits.

One of the items is an amazing old bottle of leather cleaner.


All this is just a tenner!!!


Go HERE, and have a look on Facebook and BUY NOW!!!!

And remember, you will be helping out small, independent traders!!!