Saturday 27 November 2021


I absolutely love this!!!!

The lucky people of Cheltenham have a fabulous mural of the legendary Jaz Coleman!!

The composer extraordinaire, and singer from Killing Joke, has been honoured on his local patch by artist Andy Dice Davies.

In this rubbish world we live in, with corrupt politicians, uncontrollable virus, and mainstream culture rammed down your throats every single second, at last someone that is absolutely genuinely talented, individual and inspirational is right there in yer face!!!!


Friday 26 November 2021


As a big storm approaches this weekend, why not have something that can create a storm whenever you want it?!

And here it is – a fantastically kitsch 1960s snow globe!!

And lucky you, this one is on sale on the Facebook Marketplace right HERE

Would make a nice little Xmas stocking filler!

Tuesday 16 November 2021


Have just completed two football collage artworks on A4 canvasses of Arsenal and West Ham!

I've painted each canvas, and added a mixture of prints of my own designs and original vintage bits and pieces.

They are in my unit at The Customs House in West Bay, Dorset, so run along a get these unique, one-off canvasses.

They can hung up anywhere around the house, and would of course, dare I say it, make a great Xmas pressie for any Gunners or Hammers fan you happen to know!

By the way, the unit at The Customs House has been absolutely rocking this year!!

Retro and vintage football items, and my very own designs, have flown off the shelves.

Has been very important to me, as not only has it been a bit of money going into the ArtPix coffers, but as a confidence-booster after a pretty difficult year. 

Vintage markets are still greatly reduced, and the ones going ahead are all outdoor, and have been a total lottery this year with the weather. Plus my online sales have plummeted in recent months, meaning my unit has been a life-saver!


So get down there and do some shopping!!!!

Friday 12 November 2021


Don't forget, Saturday is the next Langport Vintage Market!!!

Langport is a lovely little town tucked away in the middle of gorgeous Somerset, so come along for a browse and some vintage shopping!!

Will be a great chance for some quirky and cool Christmas presents, including a very kitsch 60s deer snow globe which will be on my stall ... who wouldn't want one of those for Christmas??!!

So run along to Langport on Saturday.

See you there!!

Wednesday 10 November 2021


The lines are being blurred even more as the years pass as to what November 11th actually represents, but it should never be forgotten that it was end of the terrible conflict that was World War I. 

For years the ArtPix clan had always thought that we were one of the rare, lucky families that hadn't lost anyone in that conflict.

Although I never knew them, both my Grandads served in WW1, and thankfully survived, and there were no family stories or legends concerning anyone lost.

However, since my sister started delving in the family history a few years ago, we are now starting to find out we weren't so lucky, having already found some casualties.

Only a couple of weeks ago she discovered, unknown to anyone in the family, of another one.

A distant cousin of mine, called Alfred Clark.

Although born and bred in London, like pretty much all my family, he served in the West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own), and died of wounds received on the Yser Canal on 27th January 1916. Age 21. He's buried at the √Čtaples Military Cemetery in France.

Yser is just north of the infamous town of Ypres in Belgium, and was the scene of a big battle in October 1914.

It would be possible to trace what he was doing, and where precisely where he was, in the Regimental diaries of the time.

The year, and the fact he was 21 when he died, meant he almost certainly volunteered in 1914 to fight. Conscription didn't kick in until 1916.

As he had been wounded, I presume he went down the line via the casualty clearing stations, eventually ending up at the vast British Army camp at √Čtaples in preparation for being shipped back to Blighty. 

Sadly he never made it, and was buried at the huge cemetery there which has 11,517 graves.

The WW1 poet Wilfred Owen wrote an incredible few lines about the base camp at √Čtaples, known to the soldiers as 'Eat Apples'. Every British soldier would have passed through there on their way to the front line, and the sounds of the distant guns was just audible.

He noted the look on people's faces. He said that no painter could ever paint, or any actor could ever portray the expression that the soldiers who were heading to the front had. 

A fascinating quote.



Been at the PVA glue again this week creating collage artworks!!

One of them is this ...

I found this amazing boat door at my local beach on the Isle of Portland.

I then painted it red, used an old 78rpm record as the centre piece, and plundered my vast collection of pictures and images from old magazines.

It means that this artwork is made from completely recycled items, even the paint is from an old tin, so by buying this artwork you are helping the environment (sort of).

It will make its first appearance at this Saturday's Langport Vintage Market in Somerset, so run along and grab it then!!

Tuesday 2 November 2021


For various reasons I haven't been to a decent gig for AGES. I miss it loads ... the buzz, the anticipation, the sweaty venue, the ringing ears!

So like many I have to resort to checking out YouTube, and today found the legendary Belgian EBM band FRONT 242 performing in Gothenburg just over a week ago.

What an incredible performance it was, from a band I've seen many, many times. Effortlessly cool, with a spot-on sound, lights, and magnificent photo montages and images on the screen behind the stage.

Was also delighted to see the Maunsell Forts during one of their songs, the old WW2 sea forts sitting, and rusting away, in the Thames Estuary!!
They can be seen from along the coast a bit at my old haunts in Southend, and very clearly from the north Kent coast.
Great to see them again!!

And check out Front 242 – what a band!!