Saturday 30 October 2021


This Sunday I'll be at the brilliant Bridport Vintage Market, outside the Alleyways Antiques Centre in the Bridport Art & Vintage Quarter.

Come along for an amazing bit of vintage shopping, and with Chrimbo just round the corner, get a few unique pressies as well!

See you there!!


Sunday 24 October 2021


Had a good stock-finding day in-and-around Swanage the other day.

Trying to refill the ArtPix Stockroom after the big sales at last week's Shepton Flea!

Have also been rescuing and restoring a couple of amazing pieces of vintage furniture.

It always amazes me when people just chuck away perfectly good and usable items. Especially historical ones!

This week I'm off to Devon to see some of the ArtPix clan for a few days.

This part of the world is also rich-pickings for unusual and interesting vintage stuff, so I'll probably come back with a van load as always!!

Still trying to work out how to fit this amazing old wrecked boat at Saunton Sands into the back of my rather small van!!!



Tuesday 19 October 2021


Had an absolutely fantastic time at the Giant Shepton Flea the other day!

For once everything aligned and worked out well, and the weather was amazing all day.

Dry and a bit cloudy – perfect outdoor vintage market weather!!

Sales were great, and as usual at Shepton, quirky items were the order of the day, and also Mid-Century.

Experience has taught me to always bring loads of Mid-Century furniture to this fair!!

And I shifted lots of great 60s and 70s tables.

Which is great, as I'd originally carefully picked out these things, and also spent time renovating and generally bringing them back to life.

I know these traders will go on and sell them for four times the price, but at least I've helped them along the way to a better life!!!

The next step after a fair like this is to restock ...

Fortunately I've already found some great stuff this week, and also have more Mid-Century in reserve in the ArtPix Storeroom!

But I'm always looking for more!!


My next market will be the Bridport Vintage Market on 31st October.

See you there!!

Friday 15 October 2021


This Sunday I'll be at the Giant Shepton Flea Market, at the Bath & West Showground in Somerset.

This is a fantastic event, with loads and loads of stalls selling an eclectic mix of amazing vintage items.

I'll be bringing along all sorts of cool stuff as well, so run along and see for yourself!!! 


Tuesday 12 October 2021


Welcome to my increasingly sparse blogs of late!!!

This is just a quick update on all things ArtPix.

The precarious world of the vintage trader carries on ... this year has been another odd year to say the least.

The weather has been a massive factor this year with vintage markets and boot fairs. Has been either too wet, too cloudy, too windy, too sunny, or too hot. Only rarely has it been just right for an outdoor market.

The classic situation was a Shepton Flea Market earlier this year, as always you check the forecast and just hope for dry weather, then on the day it was scorching hot. Which meant most potential punters wanted to be somewhere else, so didn't turn up, and those that came were too hot and just wanted to go home!!!

Online sales were a promising sideline for me this year, but since the various crisis recently sales have completely plummeted, so back to scrapping for a living at the boot fairs.

But there have been a few plus points, my unit at The Customs House in West Bay has been absolutely flying.


And I've again had floods of ideas for various projects and artworks. Have also worked on loads of renovation projects, ever so slowly improving my skills and getting better results. 


I still have five or six bits of amazing furniture to restore, so that'll keep me busy!

I'm currently working on three different collage artworks at the moment as well, and making various things from driftwood and recycled wood.


I always try and stay positive even though everything is always against making a living out of vintage and art, especially at the moment.

Wednesday 6 October 2021


Hey Shell petrol company, thanks for your example of shameless profiteering today. Putting up your diesel prices by 4p in a day at your Portland branch.

Ever thought that it's hard working people, on rubbish wages, trying to get to work, that need to fill up.
You make me sick.
Can't wait for us all to have electric cars and you can disappear.


Monday 4 October 2021


I recently bought this tiny pin badge depicting the crest of the famous, (or infamous), Belgian town of Ypres.

This small town, not far from the French border, is forever linked with the First World War. It found itself caught in a salient, that meant it was shelled from virtually all sides throughout the whole war.

The town became a place of huge significance to both sides, and after the war and ever since, a symbolic place of remembrance.

A little online research revealed a few people calling it a 'Sweetheart Brooch', meaning it was bought during the war, and sent home for a loved one to wear.

I personally think it was made post-war, in the early 1920s, and sold in the town as a souvenir during the mass Pilgrimage Tours that were happening at the time. 

Someone probably bought it as a memento of their visit to the town, and the battlefields, trying to find where their lost son/husband/partner would have fought and died.

Although only a small badge, its a very poignant piece of history, and tinged with a little sadness, thinking of who bought it, and what they were going through.


Friday 1 October 2021


Tomorrow I'll be at the Exeter Flea Market at the Exeter Livestock Centre.

Haven't done this fair for ages, pre-virus days obviously, but its back up-and-running, which is great!

Got loads of vintage goodies as always, and a selection of fantastic retro Exeter City football programmes, so come along for a rummage!!



Set your alarm clocks though, kick-off is at 7-30am, and it goes on until 2pm.

See you there!!