Wednesday, 24 July 2019


This Saturday I'll be appearing at the fantastic DORSET ART MARKET in Dorchester.
I'm bringing along all sorts of bits of my work, but it will also be a nice opportunity to show some of my photographs.

I love taking photos, (although I'm very much an amateur), and can't resist tweaking them a little afterwards. I always think taking the photo is just the start of something.

As I haven't done any art markets for years, my photography has been left behind a bit, and I never show any of my pix anymore.

But I've dug out this one, taken in the French village of La Borne, which is right in the centre of France.
The scene couldn't have looked more French, a classic 2CV, next to a typical old shuttered house.

This picture, plus quite a few others will be on my stall at the Dorset Art Market, so run along and see what you can find!!


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