Saturday 31 December 2016


Here's hoping 2017 will be fantastic vintage year!

Lets be honest, 2016 wasn't exactly a great year was it?!
Even at ArtPix Towers it has been fraught this year, with an aborted move and a protracted second attempt at moving.

So all the more reason to hope 2017 will be a vintage year for everyone!!
I've got tonnes of exciting plans, which hopefully at last I'll finally have the time to start.


Friday 23 December 2016


Have yourselves a very merry Christmas!!

Have dug out from the ArtPix Archives a recently acquired set of vintage Woman's Journal magazines. These beautiful magazines are from July - December 1946 and are cloth bound in a lovely red colour to be viewed in book form.

Here we have the cover of the Xmas edition for December, with an exquisitely painted Victorian scene of Christmassy frolics on the ice, exactly 70 years ago.


Sunday 11 December 2016


While rooting around the ArtPix Archives this weekend, I found two great examples of footie autographs and the perils that can arise!

It seems like a fantastic thing to collect, but once you've entered this dangerous world, you need to have all your wits about you. A bit of detective work and a very suspicious nature will help you along the way!! 

First up is this innocent looking Middlesbrough programme from 1967. With its stylish hand-drawn, but curiously old-fashioned for the Swinging 60s cover, danger lurks within ...

Sold by a naughty programme dealer in those far-off pre-Ebay days, it was said to contain 'genuine' autographs.
Turning to the team group pic of visitors Chelsea, there you have 9 signatures from some of their finest ever players. 

But I'm afraid to say they are ALL FAKE!!!!

I know this as I've personally met and got the autographs from 4 of them and have signed books from some of the others.

Maybe a spectator got bored on the Ayresome Park terraces that night and, oddly using red and blue Biros, began scribbling away.

After that bad luck, take a peek at this bonanza from a 1973 Manchester City programme.

Again the visiting team are Chelsea and again the team picture is adorned with scribbles. But fortunately for the avid autograph hunters, these are ALL GENUINE!!!

Here we have John Dempsey and David Webb at the top, with John Hollins and goalkeeper John Phillips on the right.

The person collecting these then had a huge stroke of luck, as it seems the whole Chelsea team appeared at once. As the hastily signed back cover proves! The red felt-tip pen was starting to smudge everywhere, but they were rewarded with a great collection.

Now for the detective work ...

Again, as I've met some of these players I recognise a few.

Here we have stylish midfielder Alan Hudson.

Kings Road legend Peter Osgood.

Manager Dave Sexton.

Midfielder Steve Kember.

And now the guess work starts ... I think this must be burly striker Bill Garner.

What looks like Tony Green? Although no-one with that name has ever played for Chelsea.

And now total fail with the rest!!!
Can anyone help??!

So you can see what a dangerous world it is with vintage football autographs, tread carefully!!