Saturday 25 June 2022


On Sunday 26th June I'll be at the BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET in Dorset!!!


I've got a great selection of small furniture, plus some brilliant vintage deckchairs!


So come along for some vintage fun!


See you there!!

Friday 17 June 2022


Just a little update on what's happening in the ArtPix world at the mo!


Had a great time last week at the Frome Showground Flea Market & Craft Fair.

Was the first time I'd done this event, and was brilliant to do a new venue in a new town.

I'll definitely be back there for their next one on 10th July.


Other upcoming markets for me are the Bridport Vintage Market on 26th June, and Langport Vintage Market on 9th July. 

I'll also be there for the biggy – the Giant Shepton Flea on 17th July!


This week, I went to my first gig in THREE years!!!!

Went to see PiL, and was glorious to be seeing a live band once again.

I used to be a very regular gig-goer in London, so it was unusual to see this brilliant band in the slightly incongruous setting of Frome, but John Lydon was superb as always.


I'm still doing loads of renovation projects.

Just this week I worked on an amazing Victorian revolving bookcase, made by Danners, which came out of the vicarage next to Sherborne Abbey in Dorset.

An incredible piece of historical furniture, with a genuinely incredible history!

My unit at the Customs House in West Bay is still rocking!!!

Sales have been amazing in there recently. 

My designs, and selections of vintage football programmes, go down a treat in there, so run along now if you are a footie fan and grab some goodies today!

I'm always on the look out for amazing vintage stuff, and you never know what you will find.

Last week I rescued a crazy selection of antique and vintage books!

Some went as far back as the 1860s, and included Dickens, Hardy and Elizabeth Gaskell.

I still do artworks and digital collages, and I'm forever collecting pictures and images to use.

At the moment though I'm concentrating on doing some new Retro Football collages.

I scan original pieces of football memorabilia to put together unique designs of individual teams.

In the pipeline are Nottingham Forest, Derby County, Coventry City and Stoke City.

I'll keep you posted on my progress!

That's it for the minute!

See you soon!!


Tuesday 7 June 2022


Very excited to announce I'll be at the Frome Showground Flea Market & Craft Fair on Sunday 12th June!

This will be a brand new event for me, so I'm really looking forward to it.

As the name implies, being a Flea Market and a Craft Fair, it gives me a fantastic opportunity to bring along some great vintage items, but also some of my own artworks and collages, as well as my upcycled furniture.

I'll have a really good selection on show!

Come on down to Somerset this Sunday and have a browse!!

See you there!

Wednesday 1 June 2022


Who would've thought a metal green box could cause such a stir...

I put this rather nice vintage item up for sale on Facebook, and its had about 600 views!!!!

Although, sadly, no one has actually bought it!!!

Made by the famous cooking accessories people, Tala, in the 1950s, it could have actually been a shoe shine box.

One compartment for the brushes, and one for the tins of polish etc.

Not sure why Tala would have been making them though, I associate them with metal biscuit cutters, and cake decorating utensils!

If anyone out there wants it, its still available!!!