Tuesday 30 October 2018


Ever wished you could have a handy, stylish and vintage way of storing your bits and bobs?!

Well look no further as I have the perfect solution!!!

In a classic case of upcycling, I've rescued these fantastic 1930s drawers and given them a new life.
They can now be used to store away all that stuff on your desk, kitchen, living room etc!

They have so much character, especially with their original brass handles, that have spaces for labels.

And with the added splash of colour from the retro-style wallpapers, they really do make for a cool vintage look.

If you are drawn to these drawers, then lucky you, as I bringing them along to the VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR at Wells Town Hall on 10th November!!!


Monday 29 October 2018


Here is an amazingly cute annual from 1940 ...

It features the adventures of a boy called Japhet and a bear named Happy.
He lives with his parents, Mr and Mrs Noah, a couple of cousins, and Fido the dog, all in a house somewhere in South West London.

The cartoon was created by J.F. Horrabin, who was an intriguing character. He was a journalist, cartoonist and cartographer, but also a Labour MP for Peterborough between 1929-1931.
He also created the brilliant Dot and Carrie cartoon strip that ran in The Star for over 40 years.

Japhet and Happy started life as a daily cartoon strip in The Daily News in 1919. It was then transferred over to the News Chronicle in 1930.

This annual is the usual collection of the year's strips all in one book. But considering it was for the year 1940, wartime printing restrictions obviously hadn't quite kicked in yet. It has a generous amount of colour plates and colour added on to many of the inside illustrations.
Which all gives it a lovely, rich texture to the exquisite drawings.

Japhet heading off for another adventure!

One of the many colour plates, this time featuring a very cool looking Happy sunbathing!!

Great example of the added colour that makes the illustrations spring to life even more. 

Horrabin had a odd way of portraying Mr and Mrs Noah, drawing them almost as wooden puppets, with very short arms.

This is Adelaide the ostrich, who also appeared quite a lot in the stories!

And to finish off, another cute pic of Happy!

If this annual would make you happy, then no worries, because I'm bringing it along to the VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR at Wells Town Hall on 10th November!!!
See you there!!!

Thursday 18 October 2018


Another one of fave vintage things are old tins.
And this is a real corker ...

The "Adelphi" Assorted Drawing Pins.

It probably dates to the 1920s/30s, and is tiny. 
It also does exactly what is says on the tin, as it still has its original pins!

AND in assorted sizes as well!

It would make a lovely addition to someone's tin collection, or could be for someone to actually use the pins on a pinboard? 

Either way, you'll be able to find it on my stall at this Saturday's EXETER FLEA MARKET!!

Come along to the Exeter Livestock Centre and check it out with all my other vintage goodies on offer.

Wednesday 17 October 2018


I don't know about you, but I just love old scrapbooks!!

There can be all sorts of amazing things in them, and just recently I acquired these three crackers.

They are immaculately presented scrappers, with postcards and souvenir photos lovingly stuck in from trips around Europe.
All of them date to the 1950s, which I could date as a lot of the postcards are written on, so they have the stamp marks on them.

The cards describe the various trips, weather, state of the hotels, the rough Channel crossings and long train journeys amongst other things! They capture the spirit of a time when foreign travel was only really just starting up again after the war.

The holidays and postcards collected by our intrepid traveller included Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Sweden and the Channel Islands.

Funnily enough they belonged to someone living in Benfleet in Essex, which is just up the road from my old stomping ground of Southend-on-Sea!
The lady obviously worked in Lloyds Bank in Fenchurch Street up in the City, as several postcards are addressed there. It was, and still is, a common commute for people living around there to work in London. I did it for donkeys years!!

If you fancy these amazing scrapbooks, then come along to the EXETER FLEA MARKET this Saturday, as I'm bringing them along and plonking them on my stall!

Monday 15 October 2018


After the washout of the weekend, I'm pleased to say I've booked an INDOOR market for next Saturday!!!

I'll be at the EXETER FLEA MARKET in the Exeter Livestock Centre, in Matford, Exeter.

And as I some spare time yesterday, with all that rain coming down, I dug out the pva glue again and got to work on a new decoupage!!
I recently got a lovely small wooden book rack, which I thought could do with sprucing up a bit.

So I've used a battered, and beyond repair, copy of the classic book Tom Brown's Schooldays from 1909, to cover it.

I'm adding coats of varnish to it now and will be on sale soon!!

I also had time to update my new website a tiny bit.
I'm only working on it sporadically at the moment, as I'm waiting for the winter to finish it off.
But I loaded up photos of some of my vintage stock with explanations as to what they are.
All these things are for sale, and you might see some of them at Exeter next Saturday!!

Have a sneak preview HERE

Saturday 13 October 2018


Just letting you all know, that the weather forecast for Sunday's Giant Shepton Flea Market is AWFUL ...

100% chance of rain in the morning ...

So with much regret I'll have to cancel my visit there.
It's incredibly frustrating as I'd gathered together a fantastic selection of vintage furniture and bigger items to sell there.

My next fair will now be the fantastic VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR in Wells on Saturday 10th November.

And this one is INSIDE, so no worries about the weather!!!!

Thursday 11 October 2018


Take a look at this magnificent Mid-Century coffee table ...

It has a really unusual double-decker design, which is really handy for storing your vintage magazines!

And has a fantastic optical illusion on the table-top! 
The clever design tricks the eye as you try and follow the lines.

I just love these 50s tables, they have a real touch of class and style about them. 
It would make a great centre piece for any vintage lover's lounge.

So if you fancy it, I'll be bringing it along to my next fair, THE GIANT SHEPTON FLEA MARKET, this Sunday, on the 14th October!

Come on down to the Bath & West Showground near Shepton Mallet in Somerset!!!