Saturday 26 March 2011


Just back from the HANDMADE AND VINTAGE FAIR at Leigh-on-Sea, and what a show!!!

Had a fantastic time and met lots of great people again.
Thank you for all the positive feedback and thank you to all those people who bought things, what great taste you have!!!

Pleased to say my new range of cards were a great success! The Dazzling Decades proved very popular as well, with lots of interest, everyone had a close look at them to see what was on there!

My bestsellers, the Retro Football series, were again very popular, I will be adding to the list of teams featured very soon.
In fact I actually made record profits today as well, hooray!!!!

Here are a few piccies to show you the stall and all the things I was selling today!

The stall is set up, and here are some of my new cards.
This is me showing some subtle advertising techniques!
Ding Dong Man, see here amongst the Retro Football collection!
Can just make out the Dazzling Decades, with Dan Dare lurking in the background!
Mavis was again on hand dishing out the sweets and cards!
Some more of my 60s inspired cards and pictures.
Thanks for dropping in! Won't you call again soon?

Thursday 24 March 2011


As promised, here is a sneak preview of some of my brand new cards...

I'm sure you will notice there is a distinctly 1960s feel to them!!
I've managed to get hold of some amazingly groovy 60s items just recently in London and knew they would be perfect for a bit of retro tomfoolery!!

I've also started a new range of Classic Footballers of the era, starting here with the one and only George Best.

But if the Swinging Sixties aren't your thing, don't despair, I have cards with a 30s, 40s and 50s twist!

So here goes with our little show.........

Enjoy those 60s fashions!
I just the love the hat!
Ding dong! This gentleman was from a 60s French knitting magazine.
London of the Swinging Sixties.
Classic Verner Panton pattern accompanies this groovy lady.
George Best introduces the Classic Footballer card range.
As promised, here is a slightly better dressed partygoer from the 1940s!

So if you fancy one of these cards come and see me at the HANDMADE AND VINTAGE FAIR at Leigh-on-Sea Community Centre on Saturday 26th March.

Admission is FREE !!!!

Monday 21 March 2011


Phew, it's been a manic few weeks recently but it's all in a good cause!

We are only days away from the next HANDMADE AND VINTAGE FAIR at Leigh-on-Sea Community Centre on Saturday 26th March.

Hope to see you all there, where I'll be showcasing some new bits and pieces. The DAZZLING DECADES series is taking shape, I've now done the 1930s and 1940s as well as the Fabulous 50s.
I've already updated the 50s, as I said in my last blog, they can change at any time, so see if you can spot the difference!!
I'm now frantically working on the 60s and 70s, so you might be lucky and see those!!!
Spot the difference! After finding some great stuff at Covent Garden Antique Market one lunchtime, I've updated the Fabulous 50s!
Fighting 40s, latest addition to the DAZZLING DECADES series.
Flirty 30s, indulge in a bit of Deco delight!

There are now some additions to my very popular RETRO FOOTBALL range.
Manchester United and Liverpool have joined the growing list of footie teams honoured here.
All new Manchester United collage!

I've also been working on a whole new series of cards...
I'll blog again to give you a sneak preview of those. Just to warn you, there are quite a lot!

Remember, it's FREE to get in on Saturday, so come along for some vintage fun!!!