Wednesday 21 February 2024


The 1971/72 season was a momentous season for Bournemouth.

They changed their name, club badge, kit, and very nearly got promoted to the old 2nd Division!!

There's also the fact that striker Ted MacDougall scored a whopping 46 goals!

The most iconic game was their 11-0 victory over Margate, where MacDougall scored an extraordinary 9 goals!! 

I've got a complete set of home programmes from that exciting season, all tucked into a very stylish folder in the shape of a book.

I'm selling them on Facebook Marketplace.

I also have season-by-season folders from 1972/73 to 1983/84, three of which have complete sets, that I'll sell as a job lot.

Let me know if you want them!!!

Sunday 11 February 2024


A few days ago I put a fairly ordinary Mid-Century mirror on sale on Facebook Marketplace for £10.

In that time its had 2,500 views!!!!

Also up there for sale is a 1950s drink cabinet, that I spent a long time upcycling and decorating with images from vintage Paris Match magazines.

Which has had precisely 5 views in the last few days!!!


Makes you wonder doesn't it.

Friday 2 February 2024


The year is slowly but surely springing into life!!

Have been doing a few boot fairs to get back into the swing of things. 

I'm also booking up some great events including these two.


Sunday 12th May

A brilliant classic car event in the spectacular setting of Lulworth Castle in Dorset.


Sunday 28th July

Fantastic fair in the grounds of the beautiful Kings Hall School in Taunton, Somerset.

I'll also doing my regular markets at Bridport in Dorset, and Langport in Somerset.


So come on down this year and have some vintage fun!!

Thursday 25 January 2024


I rescued this brilliantly quirky handmade train a while ago.

Made for a small child, they can stand in the back, and be pulled along by the handle at the front.


I love it, and was clearly made by someone with a great sense of humour.

I've named it Dave the Tank Engine, as it could easily be a very distant relative of Thomas!


Sadly, I can't take him to vintage markets as he's too big to fit in my small van, so he's now on sale on Facebook Marketplace!

It could easily be restored, and painted into any colour you fancy. 


Let me know, and have a go!

Friday 19 January 2024


I do like to find a forlorn bit of furniture and give it a new life...

Sometimes that can involve an upcycle job, painting it, decorating it etc, but usually just a nice dignified spruce up will suffice!

This unusual bit of Mid-Century was one of those.

Its a very low table on wheels, with a drawer underneath.

It would be great as a simple coffee table, that could be pushed around to wherever you want it to be.

But I'm thinking it would be great to have a vintage record player on it, and in the compartment underneath, you could store the records!


Either way it would look great!

And lucky you, its on sale now!!

Tuesday 9 January 2024


As January is always a quiet month for me, I've been working on a few collages.


One of them is this...

The title, 'What Killed Albert?' comes from the newspaper cutting used on the collage.

I found it in a vintage book completely by chance, and I loved the randomness of it.

Why was it cut out by that person who then used it as a bookmark?!

As with all my artworks, I've just used any image I fancied, which this time it happened to be Jean Harlow, Yul Brynner and Charles Laughton!


Keep in touch, as I'll try and do more regular posts on here this year.

Sunday 31 December 2023


Oops... I've completely neglected my poor Blog this year!!!

So just in case anybody does actually read any of this, I AM still around!!!

I've got into the habit of just doing a daily post on Instagram, and that completes my social media activity for the day!

I always loved doing this Blog though, as it was my very first foray online, way back in 2010, when I started up my 'Matt ArtPix' enterprise.

So in 2024 I'll try and keep it going more regularly, and do news updates of my various markets and new stock.

The terrible weather wrecked havoc on many events throughout 2023, so I began to not advertise anything just in case!!

But I was really pleased to have done some brilliant markets that did survive the weather, including my wonderful regular markets at Bridport and Langport, plus a new venture at a Mid-Century fair in Bristol.


Fingers crossed I can get out and try many new events and markets during the coming year.


I'm also still renovating and upcycling loads of fantastic bits of furniture, something I never dreamt I would be doing only a few years ago.

Funny how your path changes over time.

Not that long ago I was sitting at a desk in London designing magazines each and every day!!


Anyway, I'll stop waffling now and wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and do pop in from time to time and check out what's happening.