Sunday 27 February 2022


Got this fantastically kitsch plastic tray from the 1960s, featuring cute kittens!!! 

Who wouldn't want this???!

Check it out HERE on Facebook Marketplace and buy it today!!!

Saturday 19 February 2022


Unfortunately I won't be going to tomorrow's Giant Shepton Flea...


The weather still looks crazy, and remembering the last time I went there, some stock was damaged in the rain, so I'm not chancing it.

Very disappointing, and hopefully it doesn't set a precedent for the year. You know the usual score ... dry and lovely for ages, then bad weather just when there's an outdoor market!

My next event will now be the LANGPORT VINTAGE MARKET on 12th March.

I'll be undercover for that one, so rain or shine I'll be there!!!!

Sunday 13 February 2022


Was great to be back doing fairs yesterday at the LANGPORT VINTAGE MARKET.


Happy to say it stayed dry, there were loads of people around, a great vibe, and I had loads of sales as well.

A good day all round!! 


I'll be back there on the 12th March, see you there!!!


Next up is hopefully this Sunday's GIANT SHEPTON FLEA MARKET.

I'm having to keep an eye out on the weather before I book it up.

So I'll let you know on that one!

Friday 11 February 2022


Got my first proper vintage fair of 2022 tomorrow, the LANGPORT VINTAGE MARKET!!

Can't wait to be back out on the road, for what seems like ages.

Got loadsa vintage goodies to bring along.

So come along to the village of Langport in Somerset for this free event.

See you there!

Sunday 6 February 2022


With the environment and the well-being of this planet more important than ever, it's worth reminding everyone that vintage traders are some of the best recyclers around!

Just the other day I rescued some unwanted coat hooks from a skip. Still perfectly usable items, which would otherwise have been lost forever, ending up in a landfill somewhere.

Also, as I live by the sea, I'm constantly picking up bits of driftwood and old pallet wood off the beach, and putting that to good use as well.

So by combining the two, we now have some coat racks!!


Complete one-offs, with their own individual style and colouring.


By buying these you not only saving the planet, but saving a small trader as well!!!

And lucky you, next Saturday I'll be bringing these along to the Langport Vintage Market in Somerset.


See you there!!