Thursday 27 June 2024


Oops, didn't keep that promise to update this Blog more frequently did I?!


Oh well, here I am again!!


Had a great time in France recently.

Went to Normandy, and went around many of the D-Day sites.

I felt like I learnt more from seeing the places, than any of the books and documentaries I'd seen. 

Especially when going to Omaha Beach, I remember looking behind me and seeing the rising cliffs and thinking, oh right, now I see why it was so awful there.

Similar feeling to seeing the WW1 Somme battlefields years ago, and walking the actual terrain where the soldiers fought. You get an immediate understanding of what happened that's impossible any other way.

I also managed to get in a bit of vintage shopping, despite being there too early in the year for any of the brocantes.

Found a few great vintage shops along the way.

You always find things that you just don't see in Blighty.

Hoping to get back there sometime and carry on our adventures.

Meanwhile, I'm super-busy getting in and sorting out some amazing vintage stock for my markets.

Best to keep in touch with the latest things I'm up to on my Instagram account, but I'll keep on trying to regularly post on here as well!!

Here are three pictures from Normandy.

An abandoned cinema in Bayeaux, the Normandy American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, and Utah Beach.