Tuesday 29 November 2016


I'm pleased to say I've designed the poster for a very special event taking place this weekend ...

The amazing electric cellist and composer JO QUAIL will be performing two concerts in London. 
In the atmospheric and intimate surroundings of The Harrison bar, just a stone's throw from King's Cross, is your chance to see Jo playing live.

With hugely successful European and Australian tours already under her belt, Jo's reputation as an innovative and exciting performer is just growing and growing. But hurry up, as Sunday is already sold out and there are just a few tickets left for Saturday.

Get them HERE

Wednesday 16 November 2016


Just in case you were going to wander down to West Bay some time soon, I thought I'd let you know that The Customs House is now on its winter hours.

The fantastic antiques centre in Dorset, where I have my unit, is now open from Thursday to Sunday of each week between 10am and 5pm. 

So to avoid any disappointments don't turn up on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday!!!

Sales are still brisk down there and people are already stocking up with, (dare I say it?!), Xmas pressies...!!
I have plenty of gorgeous vintage pieces, my own designs on frames, laminates, fridge magnets and cards as well as wonderful books, both vintage and new novels.

So get down there and start shopping!!!

This is their website for further info... HERE

And after all that shopping, take a stroll along the wonderful beach at West Bay!

Thursday 10 November 2016


Armistice Day is once more upon us ...

This year we have seen the 100th anniversaries of the worst savagery war can produce, the Somme and Verdun. Also the sea battle at Jutland. Next year will be the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele, in my opinion a titanic catastrophe and shocking waste of life.

I'll be at the Cenotaph in London at 11am, for the extraordinarily understated and silent ceremony that takes place there. Absolute silence prevails right in the centre of London. 

Still good to see so many people wearing a poppy all this week. Everyone will have their own personal reason for wearing one, and it should be left at that.

The poppy should also be worn to remember the survivors who came home from the trenches. Those people, who for years, silently and resolutely lived with their memories and never spoke of it.

My favourite war poet, Siegfried Sassoon, wrote this to prove how little people really understood.


No doubt they'll soon get well; the shock and strain
   Have caused their stammering, disconnected talk.
Of course they're 'longing to go out again,' –
   These boys with old, scared faces, learning to walk.
They'll soon forget their haunted nights; their cowed
   Subjection to the ghosts of friends who died, –
Their dreams that drip with murder; and they'll be proud
   Of glorious war that shatter'd all their pride ...
Men who went out to battle, grim and glad;
Children, with eyes that hate you, broken and mad.

©Siegfried Sassoon
Craiglockhart, October 1917