Friday 26 June 2015


Tomorrow I'll be at a special one day pop-up event at Leigh-on-Sea!

Based at the White Wall Space Gallery in Broadway West, it will be an extravaganza of cultural delights!

Organised and curated by JOHNNY NAVARRO and BIBA FOX, from the band CROWSTONE, they have got together a talented group of people to perform under the banner of 'THE SALVATION ARTISTS'.

The whole event is a clever adaptation of Johnny's fantastic new novel, KILL DEVIL DELTA. He will be in character as the book's HENRY DOUANIER throughout the day.

From 11am to 3pm, the gallery will be set up as a showcase and shop for the artists involved. I'm hoping to sneak in some of my stuff as well!! It will be the perfect opportunity to buy yourself a copy of KILL DEVIL DELTA and get it signed!

After 3 it will become a performance space, where the assembled musicians, poets, filmmakers and writers will be performing and showing their various works until 9pm. Check out the list of artists below...

Do please come along and support this unique event, which has so much going on all throughout the day. There will even be filming of a brand new video for DEVILISH PRESLEY's new single 'DEVIL GATE DRIVE'!!

It is absolutely FREE to get in and you get a FREE drink on arrival, what more could you want?!!

Snap up your copy of this fantastic book by Johnny Navarro!

Carya Gish will be talking and reading at 6pm.

Catch her live and get a signed book!

I'll have some of my work on show, including some Southend themed artworks like this!

Saturday 20 June 2015


On Wednesday night we gathered in the gothic splendour of St Pancras Old Church near King's Cross to witness a magical night...
A lecture from one of Britain's finest musicians of our age that you've probably never heard of – JAZ COLEMAN.

Here in London promoting his new book, LETTERS FROM CYTHERA, the man best known as the singer of underground legends KILLING JOKE, is on the first of a series of dates, which includes ten in the USA. He looked relaxed and in a jovial mood as he sat at a tiny desk, which is in stark contrast to his usual stage persona.

Having attended two of his previous lectures in London in the early '90s, I knew this was going to be an awe-inspiring night. And he duly kept the packed venue spellbound with the huge range of knowledge he's acquired throughout a lifetime of music and travelling.

From theories of a New World Order, 9/11, geomancy, the occult, to visiting some of the most remote and unknown spiritual places on Earth, Coleman covered a broad scope of subjects. He also spoke of the esoteric and unusual beginnings of Killing Joke, through to the personal trauma and enlightenment that it has provided. Culminating in the journey that led him to move to New Zealand, where he bought a tiny island.

An accomplished classical musician and composer, he also plays and performs with many of the world's best orchestras. It holds a fascinating vision of a double-life, with the fire and brimstone of his band, alongside the relatively sedate surroundings of classical music! He gives us interesting insights into this world as well.

The book covers his 'Supersynthesis', the extraordinary task he set himself of creating twelve separate projects, with the aim of one final 'Magnum Opus'. Through this, his recent work has included working on a film, a book, a new Killing Joke album, recording a classical piece in St Petersburg and scoring classical renditions of Nirvana songs.

After nearly three hours we left the venue with a huge energy flowing through us, feeling that we could achieve anything!

Jaz Coleman seated at his tiny desk, covered with notes and his new book full of post-its!

There was a screen next to him that illustrated many of the points he was making. This is the cover of his new book.

As the light faded in the dimly lit church he started to resemble The Money Changer painting by Rembrandt!

The book and the accompanying CD.

Inside my copy, which was signed as part of the Pledge scheme that got the project started.

Sunday 7 June 2015


Just recently we escaped ArtPix Towers to run to the hills of the excellent Exmoor!

What a better way to get away from all those boring problems and get some fresh air, than on the amazing, sweeping landscapes of the moorlands that run between Somerset and North Devon.

Had a gorgeous walk at Simonsbath, to the brilliantly named Cow Castle, a small fort in amongst the majestic valleys and hills around the village.
We were lucky to have a brilliant sunny day there, but just imagine walking around there in the winter, wow!

Looking forward to another trip there soon!

Into the valley! On our way to Cow Castle.

Amazing trees in a perfect line going up the side of the valley.

Mysterious trees alongside the river.

The trees hanging over towards the river.

Spotted this dashing dragonfly along the way!

Also visited the seaside town of Ilfracombe in Devon, where some of the ArtPix clan reside!
The town is famous for its stunning Victorian architecture, and in amongst some buildings on the High Street, you can see some fabulously faded remnants of its glorious past...

No doubt hidden for years, this old blacksmith's sign has been revealed.

If you look up in the doorway of the old Ilfracombe Liberal Club, you can see gorgeous old lettering slowly seeing the light of day once again.

Amazing textures of old paint, falling away to reveal number 133.