Friday 25 March 2022


Sunday 27th March will be the first Bridport Vintage Market of 2022.


So come on down to Dorset and have a look around!

I'll be there with loadsa vintage goodies and small furniture.

It's a FREE event, so just pop along to the St Michael's Trading Estate in Bridport, and we are next to the Alleyways Antiques Centre.

See you there!

Thursday 17 March 2022


Having just created an Instagram account (finally!) the other day, I'm now trying slowly and surely to build up a feel of what I do on there. 

But I do still love this blog though!!!!

It was my first real foray into an online presence, and has given me the platform to showcase my work, show a few photos and items, and let people know when I'm at a vintage market.

Times change of course, and sadly not many people have the patience to read lengthy blogs anymore.

So the likes of Instagram is the simplest and quickest way to get your stuff out there.

This blog though still gets a very healthy amount of views, which I'm quietly very proud of, and very grateful to everyone who has a look. Its very much appreciated!!!!

So do please keep in touch on here for news of markets, new photos and stock.

Just to let you know as well, that my next market will be BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET in Dorset, on 27th March.

See you there!!!

Sunday 13 March 2022



I've finally got round to creating an Instagram account!!!!!

Early days yet of course, but I'm @mattartpix if you fancy having a peep!

Tuesday 1 March 2022


Have been doing more rescuing, upcycling and reusing of old abandoned bits of vintage furniture recently.

One example is this 1960s kitchen chair, which was found lost and unwanted on a pavement.

Now its been revitalised, with a groovy 60s Pop Art look!!!

It would add a fantastic splash of colour to any room, and if you follow trends, can also be used as a unique plant pot stand in the corner of a room, or to display a pile of books.

Check out those latest style mags!!!

This unique vintage item can be all yours, if you have a look on Facebook Marketplace HERE

I also have another 60s kitchen chair, this time in yellow.

It was also rescued, but apart from a clean-up, I haven't changed anything, as I like the original feel of it.

Buy it HERE