Monday 30 May 2016


We are in the middle of a series of 100th anniversaries of significant events from the First World War.

This weekend saw commemorations for the inhumane savagery that took place at Verdun in France, and July 1st sees the centenary of the start of the Battle of the Somme

The next 2 days is the anniversary of the war's only major sea battle, the Battle of Jutland. Fought on May 31st - June 1st 1916, the vast juggernauts of the British and German navies met off the coast of Denmark. It proved to be a rather inconclusive affair, but probably proved that neither side could ever hope to totally defeat each other navies.

The most famous part of it all however, was the story of the Victoria Cross winner, Jack Cornwell. The 16-year-old, who stood by his post when all were lost around him. The gun he was still protecting when he was found dead is now in the Imperial War Museum.

My own Grandfather was serving in the navy at the time, having signed up for a 15-year stint in 1914, just before war was declared. He was stationed in Scotland at the time, and so would more than likely either have been there or on the fringes of the battle. Apparently he did speak of it, although sadly I never met him to ask about it.

I've got two interesting items to show you from the battle, first is a commemorative medal made in 1916 by Spink & Son. They were sold to raise money for naval orphanages.

And a very rare original photograph taken from H.M.S. Nottingham at 5pm on May 31st 1916. I bought it at an antiques fair in the Midlands some 20 years ago, and have treasured it ever since.

Saturday 28 May 2016


At the recent Ally Pally antique fair I picked  up some amazing magazines....

These outrageous deliciously Deco French cinema gems called POUR VOUS.
Translating to 'For You', I'm afraid they are going to be all for me, as I love them too much!!!

They all date to the late 1930s and have fabulous front covers that absolutely scream Art Deco style
With a gorgeous logo, huge and beautiful photographs of stars of the day, and a clever use of type that doesn't clutter up or get in the way of the stunning photos.

They are bold and innovative, as many of the magazines of the time were. 
Check them out here...

I've only quickly photographed them to show you, but I've recently just raided the ArtPix coffers to buy an all new A3 scanner! I'll be able to scan these in properly, as they are all A3 size, and maybe do some nice prints and frame them up. Let me know if you are interested!!

Thursday 19 May 2016


This Saturday is the F.A. Cup Final, the 135th time teams will compete for the famous old trophy.

The media like to insist it has lost all its glamour, but try telling that to the fans as they trudge up Wembley Way!

This year sees Crystal Palace take on Manchester United. The football world could see another epic shock if Palace can do a Leicester and run off with the cup.

It would finish off a mad season if the Eagles can do it, and would be especially fitting, as they've never won the trophy in their 111 year history. Man U on the other hand have lifted it 11 times.

And lucky you, both teams feature in my RETRO FOOTBALL series! 
So before you settle down to watch the final, have a peep at these icon packed collages and see who you recognise!



Wednesday 11 May 2016


This weekend I'll be back at my unit at The Customs House in West Bay to bung some new goodies in there!

Have been busy preparing things this week and have realised I've got some much stuff, that it won't all fit in! So I'll have to leave some of it behind, but fortunately sales have been brisk, so there should be enough space in there soon.

Get a sneak preview here of what I'll be putting in there...

A gorgeous 1960s Midwinter Coffee Pot, the Spanish Garden motif was designed by Jessie Tait.

A Susie Cooper cup and saucer!

The Bartholomew's Maps from the 1930s to the 1950s, that I've blogged about before.

Here is a new RETRO FOOTBALL idea, an exciting package of Retro Tottenham Hotspur programmes. Alongside my Retro Football Packages, they make a fantastic pressie or souvenir for any Spurs fan.

The picture below shows a work in progress! Another new venture, where I've used original vintage playing cards. The cards are of the iconic children's TV programme MUFFIN THE MULE, from a card game made in 1949. They can be sent as a unique birthday card or kept as a memento.

Find all these at The Customs House in West Bay, in my unit on the 1st Floor of the main building.

Monday 2 May 2016


Have been plundering the ArtPix Archives for new stock to put in my unit at The Customs House...

And found my amazing collection of vintage maps!!

They are all classic Bartholomew's Revised 'Half-Inch' Contoured Maps dating from the 1930s to the 1950s. Printed on exquisite cloth, many of them are in mint condition.

Fabulous stash of beautiful Bartholomew's Maps!

North Lancashire and Isle of Man map from 1934.

This map of South Wales has the date January 1947.

A map from 1957 of Warwickshire.

The English Lakes unusually has a different coloured cover. It dates from 1937.

So next time I'm down in Dorset's West Bay, I'll be dropping them off at the unit. If you can't wait that long, no problem, as there are already a number of fantastic vintage maps in there. Go and check them out now!!

Brand new sign I've done for the box of maps I'll be putting in the unit!