Thursday 30 January 2020


Anyone who has seen me at vintage fairs will know I always have a really random selection of records to sell.
I love picking out unusual and off-the-wall vinyls ...

And sometimes I'll have a single that absolutely screams ICONIC!!
This gem from the mighty French singer Edith Piaf.

Easily her best known song on these shores, anyone with a hint of knowledge about France and cool vinyls should know this!

The song translates as 'No, I don't regret anything', which sums up her life really, and came out as this four-track 7" EP in 1961. 

She was quite a character, and led a tough roller-coaster life, unfortunately culminating in her tragically early death at 47.

But she left us a huge legacy and remains one of France's most recognisable icons.

Find this classic at my next fairs, including LOU LOU'S BRISTOL VINTAGE FAIR on 29th February!

Wednesday 22 January 2020


Another artwork off the ArtPix production line to show you ...

And its another surreal collage!

Which I've created using elements from vintage cameras, mannequin, and a microscope.
All my own photos of objects I have, nothing just nicked off the internet!!

I'll be printing these, and adding it to my other prints, to sell at some events this year.

Unfortunately they are a very hard thing to sell, as no-one really 'gets' them(!), but I've always enjoyed doing them, and one day someone might want one!!!!

Friday 17 January 2020


This Sunday I'll be in the Bournemouth Pavilion for the latest Lou Lou's Bournemouth Vintage Fair!

I've got loads of vintage homeware goodies, plus all sorts of amazing records, books, magazines, cameras and also a selection of vintage clothes.

So run along on Sunday at 10am, and join in the fun!

See you there!


Wednesday 15 January 2020


I've got this fantastic jacket from a Royal Navy uniform to show you ...

With the insignia, badges and medal ribbons you can work out what this person did, and where they served.

It belonged to a Petty Officer, who had once been a Sergeant ...

Was in Logistics (L), in the Supply Chain (SC) section.

And who had earned four medals ... 

Top left: Nato Medal for the Former Yugoslavia.
Top right: Iraq Medal 2003-2011.
Bottom left: HM Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal 2002.
Bottom right: Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. 

So quite a story from just one article of clothing.

If you fancy this unique piece of Naval history, then pop along to this Sunday's LOU LOU'S BOURNEMOUTH VINTAGE FAIR, at Bournemouth Pavilion and find it at my stall!

Monday 13 January 2020


Very pleased to say my next major event is Lou Lou's Bournemouth Vintage Fair this coming Sunday!

This fabulous fair is not to be missed, run along to the gorgeous Art Deco era Bournemouth Pavilion, right next to the seafront, and join in the fun.

There will also be January sale items, so it could be your chance to grab a vintage bargain as well!

See you there!! 


Thursday 9 January 2020


On my ceaseless quest for new stock and ideas, I found two forlorn looking bits of vintage furniture ...

And then thought ... 'Upcycling projects' !!!

First up are these wooden drawers, probably dating to the 1930s or earlier, that have the look of sturdy office furniture. 

I love them, and are probably a forerunner to the metal office drawers that were so ubiquitous in the later 20th Century.
I'll probably just give them a sand down and wood stain them, to bring back the original look, instead of going too mad.

Then I got this fabulous Mid-Century bookcase, with the giveaway groovy legs and unusual curved shape.

They've had a bit of a rough time, and have had some crude repairs and paint job.
I've already scraped off most of the paint and it has revealed a lovely deep-coloured wood.
With these, I'm tempted to restore the original look, but I've got some ideas of painting and decorating them.
I'm not a fan of the usual bland colours that you see everywhere, so watch this space and see what happens!!

All I need now is for the weather to stay dry, so I can haul them out into my backyard and have a real go at them!!

Tuesday 7 January 2020


Just recently bought this fascinating tiny little dish ...

Made by Delware, from Auckland in New Zealand, its made of copper, with the abstract design in enamel on top.

It has gorgeous colours, which my ancient camera didn't really capture unfortunately, and it only measures in at 8cm x 8cm!

Judging by the colours and design, it looks very 1960s, and there aren't too many of these about either. 

So if you fancy this, look out for my future markets where I'll be bringing this along.

Thursday 2 January 2020


This week I've been sifting through stuff in the ArtPix Storeroom for this Sunday's Giant Shepton Flea Market!

And I'll be bringing along this unique child's high chair.

Difficult to say whether it was factory-produced or a one-off piece, put together by someone in a workshop.

Its quite a complex contraption, as with the aid of a clip at the back, it folds down into a much smaller chair, making it easier to store.

It has a great chrome backing as well, and I'm guessing it dates to the 1950s, but could possibly be earlier.

So run along to the Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mallet on 5th January and find it there on my stall!!