Saturday 26 February 2011


Sorry folks, I haven't done many blogs these days, and here is the reason why.......

I've been working hard on my brand new series of collages called
Each decade from the 1920s to the 80s is represented with a dazzling collage of items. To give you a sneak preview, I'm showing you the FABULOUS FIFTIES...

As with all my pieces, everything you see on them are items taken from my own collections.
Magazines, postcards, records etc. They take ages to put together, and it involves me wandering around my flat trying to find things for each decade or hunting for things at antique fairs and markets!
The great thing with these artworks is, if you find something new, you can add it to the collage later.
So keep your eyes peeled and see if they change!

I'm hoping to have most of them ready for my forthcoming stalls this year.
I'll blog again to update you on my progress with these and will create a gallery on my website.

Ok, back to work now!!

Wednesday 16 February 2011


To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Festival of Britain, I've rustled up a little collage...

The fabulous festival of 1951 is an iconic part of 20th century Britain. Just in time to beat the blues of the Post-war slump and remind everyone how good Britain still was at design, architecture and engineering.

Built on the Southbank in London, the only clues now of it are the Royal Festival Hall, that titan of 50s modernist architecture. But in its day, there were amazing buildings on the site, like the Dome of Discovery and a huge space-age tower called the Skylon.
All this was held together by the the fantastic logo and designs of legendary graphic designer Abram Games.

My collage features original items from the exhibition, including the Official Guidebook, leaflet and commemorative coin. But best of all are the photos that my Mum and Dad took when they visited there in July 1951. See if you can spot them!

This year there will be loads of events on the Southbank to celebrate, so we can all get down there and get a feel for what the original Festival was all about.

(As these pics always appear a bit small on here, I'm gonna bung it on my website so you can see it a bit better!!!)

Tuesday 8 February 2011


First the bad news...
the NOW, VOYAGER CRAFT AND VINTAGE FAIR at the Railway Hotel on Sunday 13th February has sadly been cancelled :(

BUT... the good news is...
There is another one on Sunday 1st May!!!!
So see you all there instead!!!!

Thursday 3 February 2011


Hello everyone, I have another date to announce...

On February 13th I'll be having a stall at NOW, VOYAGER'S CRAFT & VINTAGE FAIR.

This splendid affair is held upstairs at The Railway Hotel pub on Clifftown Road in Southend-On-Sea.
So run along to the Railway and say hello!

Check out Now, Voyager's website here: