Tuesday 31 December 2019


Hope you all have a splendid New Year in 2020 ...

And I hope to see you all out and about at loads of different vintage markets and salvage fairs next year!

Sunday 29 December 2019


I'm itching to get back out on the road to do more markets, so I've been sorting out loads of bits and pieces to get ready ...

And one new bit of stock is this fine looking old radio ...

Which also has a record player ...

And some lovely vintage styling on everything ...

Made by Ferguson, it dates to 1950, or possibly edging back into the late 40s, and must have been an amazing and expensive bit of kit back in its day.

Brilliantly it also has its original manual and guarantee!!

I'll have it with me at the GIANT SHEPTON FLEA MARKET, at the Bath & West Showground, on 5th January.

It doesn't actually start up, so will have to go down in the 'Project' category, or as a fabulous piece to show off in a cool café or record shop.
It can also be a great prop for a theatre and film production, or in a vintage photoshoot!

Saturday 21 December 2019


Today is the shortest day ...

I was considering running naked around our local Stonehenge here on the Isle of Portland to celebrate, but it was raining today!!!

But now it's practically Summer again, I think we should start thinking of getting our Hawaiian shirts out ...


Sunday 15 December 2019


Yesterday's Langport Vintage Market was my last one of 2019, so now I'll be taking stock of everything and then stocktaking!!

Will be planning what to do for 2020, I'm hoping to expand the ArtPix Empire a little further next year. And then trying to make sense of the tonnes of stock I have at ArtPix Towers!

Already have a few potential events lined up for 2020, but the first definite one will be the Giant Shepton Flea Market on 5th January.

See you there!

Friday 13 December 2019


Just letting you know that tomorrow's LANGPORT VINTAGE MARKET will now be taking place at RIDGWAY HALL, just down the road from the usual venue.

The weather forecast is saying strong winds are expected, so as it will be a bit Mork & Mindy, for safety reasons, we'll be indoors.
Which means no braving the cold weather while you shop for all those vintage goodies!!

Kick-off is a 10am and entry is FREE, so come on down!

Monday 9 December 2019


After a great time at the Crispin Hall Vintage Market last weekend, I'll be on the road to Somerset again this Saturday to the LANGPORT VINTAGE MARKET!

This looks like being my last market of 2019, so this is your last chance to catch me before the new year!!

As this one will be outdoors, I'll be bringing along slightly different stock, bigger items that usually don't fit into village halls.

Stuff like this 1930s bedside cabinet, that I spruced up into a glamorous Art Deco gem, decorated with original 30s copies of Theatre World magazine ...

A really stylish 1960s American Tourister suitcase ...

And this marvellous Mid-Century abstract painting of boats ...

So leg it down to Langport this Saturday and find me there!

Thursday 5 December 2019


Although my particular tastes in music are far off into another stratosphere, I do love the novelty of old mainstream stuff.

So I buy and sell a totally random selection of singles and albums at fairs.
People often think I'm an expert on various forms of 50s or 60s music just because I have some of these records for sale, when actually I'm rather more of an expert on the likes of Killing Joke and Front 242!!!

Here is another set of odd singles I've bought recently, all of which have their own novelty value ...

The Glenn Miller Story and the Pat & Shirley Boone singles are US Imports, and have satisfyingly thick cardboard sleeves, which I must admit, I'd never seen before!

The record from the James Stewart movie was released in 1954, on Decca Records of New York.

And the Boone's ditty came out in 1959, all the way from Hollywood's Dot Records.

The Cheesemeister Andy Williams brought out his Breakfast at Tiffany's tune (+ others) in 1962.

And this classic, from the iconic Louis Armstrong, is actually a French Import from 1964, and what a cool cover!!

The Import single itself is fairly common, but to have the original sleeve puts it into the 'Hard-to-Find' category.

All of these are mad and brilliant in their own way, so if you fancy spinning these choons, then pop along to this Saturday's CRISPIN HALL VINTAGE MARKET in the village of Street in Somerset, and find them on my stall!!

Tuesday 3 December 2019


I do love an old tin, they have such charm and are packed with history.

Here I have a mini-collection of shoe polish tins, two of which I've never heard of before.

First up is this gorgeous Wren's Super-Wax Shoe Polish tin, in a lovely deep green colour. 
With its cute wren illustration, it dates to the 1950s.

Then the two mystery tins! 

The black Erdal one appears to be Belgian, although the company originates from Germany.

It has French and Flemish/Dutch text with the city of Brussels mentioned. 
Not sure how old it is, maybe 1950s??

The peculiarity of this tin is that it has a pelican motif, when all the German Erdal branding has a frog as its logo.
It's possible that they were changed when used in different countries, but I haven't found any other examples to prove the theory!

It also still has the original foil and polish inside! 

And then the Sidol Crème Lodix Luxe tin, which again is from Belgium, and another one that proves elusive.
To me this looks pre-War, so I'm guessing 1930s on this one. 

All three make a great addition to any tin collection, so polish up your boots and stomp on down to this Saturday's CRISPIN HALL VINTAGE MARKET, at Street in Somerset, and find them on my stall!!

See you there!

Monday 2 December 2019


I'm very pleased to say that sales in my unit at The Customs House have been UP this year!!!!

So thanks to all those who made the trip to West Bay in Dorset and bought something!!

I've just put in a load more goodies, so carry on shopping ...

As always anything Football-related is a big hit, so I've stocked up on more retro football programmes. 

You can also find fridge magnets, framed pictures and greetings cards, featuring my own retro designs, of all your fave teams.
These are my brand new designs of the legends George Best and Bobby Moore. 

There are also some fantastic football shirts of Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United ...

The United shirts are from the 2012/13 season, which was Alex Ferguson's last season as manager.
A great chance to get the Home and Away shirts from this iconic moment in United's history.

Also in my unit is a big selection of other vintage goodies, including some great retro ceramics.


So get on down to West Bay before Xmas and grab yourselves some cool and unique pressies.

Tuesday 26 November 2019


One of my latest projects has been to create a unique Art Deco light ...

I found an old box at a boot fair and instantly had the idea, literally a 'light bulb moment'!!

The box is actually a loud speaker, called a 'Popular Loud Speaker', first made by the Ormond Engineering Co. Ltd in 1929.
With its fabulous sun ray design, it was just asking to have a bit of Art Deco style added to it.

This is an original advert for the Ormond Loud Speaker. ©www.radiomuseum.org

It was in a bit of a state when I bought it though, as it had been roughly covered 
in black paint, which fortunately I managed to peel off.
It revealed a gorgeous rich mahogany wood, that I restored and waxed, to bring it back to its original state.

I added a lamp inside the box, putting in a great vintage style candle bulb to add to the period feel.

I then had the idea of having a backdrop at the back of the box. I thought a big close-up picture of the screen legend Jean Harlow would be perfect, as she epitomises the glamour of the Art Deco era.

Not only does the finished article look like a cool vintage item, but when switched on creates a really unique and atmospheric light.

So if there are any Deco fans out there, who fancy a stylish light for their living room, then lucky you, as this is for sale!!!

Just get in touch for details, or find it at my next fair, the Crispin Hall Vintage Market, in the town of Street in Somerset, on Saturday 7th December!!

Sunday 24 November 2019


After two very successful recent fairs in Bournemouth and Wells, here are my next two events ...

First up is a new one for me, the CRISPIN HALL VINTAGE MARKET on Saturday 7th December.
Set inside Crispin Hall, in the town of Street in Somerset, which is right next to the iconic Glastonbury!

And on Saturday 14th December I'll be back at the brilliant LANGPORT VINTAGE MARKET.
Again in Somerset, in the village of Langport.

Two Christmas crackers for you to come along to and buy a few pressies!

See you there!!