Thursday 27 February 2020


Don't miss me this Saturday at Lou Lou's Bristol Vintage Fair!!!

All set inside the fabulous Grade I listed Passenger Shed, built by local legend Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this will be a vintage extravaganza!!

I'll have loadsa retro & vintage goodies, so come along and get shopping!

See you there!

Tuesday 25 February 2020

1940s WOMAN

Just look at this wonderfully atmospheric and mysterious photo.

Unfortunately I don't know who she is... 

It dates to World War II, and despite the many clues on the uniform, with various badges and insignia, I just can't pinpoint who she was serving with.

You can tell she has bags of charisma though, with her amazing hair and cap at a jaunty angle, you could write a whole book just from looking at this photo. 

If you've been inspired by this, then come along to this Saturday's LOU LOU'S BRISTOL VINTAGE FAIR, where you'll find it on my stall, in amongst a huge array on other vintage goodies!!


Sunday 23 February 2020


Very excited to say that next Saturday I'll be at Lou Lou's Bristol Vintage Fair!!!

Set in the iconic Passenger Shed building, next to Temple Meads railway station, right in the heart of the city, this will be an amazing day!

I'm bringing along tonnes of vintage and retro goodies, in what will be my first fair in Bristol.

See you there!!

Thursday 20 February 2020


Today is footballing legend Jimmy Greaves' 80th birthday!

What is often lost in the mists of time, is that he started his career at Chelsea, setting all sorts of crazy goalscoring records!
His trophy-winning days followed at Tottenham, via a short stint at AC Milan, finally ending up at West Ham.

I'm very proud to say, that I sold one of my Retro Football Jimmy Greaves cards to one of his daughters a while back, at a design fair in Essex. She said she was going to give the card to him later that day, WOW!!!

Tuesday 18 February 2020


As Liverpool march relentlessly toward the Premier League title this season, it seems unbelievable that this will be their first Championship win since 1990!!!

The Reds were perennial winners throughout the 70s and 80s, but their titles stopped dead at the beginning of the 90s.

This fantastic jigsaw, from that historic 1989/90 season, is now a highly collectable bit of retro football memorabilia!

Relive those pre-Premier League days, with Anfield legend Kenny Dalglish as manager, Ian Rush and John Barnes up front, Bruce Grobbelaar in goal, and Alan Hansen in defence, with this 500 piece puzzle.

It'll be in my unit at The Customs House in West Bay, Dorset if you fancy it!!
Come on down to the Jurassic Coast and find this unique slice of football history!

Friday 14 February 2020


I'm very pleased to announce that I'll be at the world-famous Beaulieu Motor Museum for this year's Spring Autojumble!!

This enormous event is an absolute must for any fan of cars, and especially classic cars!
It will be packed to the rafters with incredible traders, motors of all sorts, and anything car-related you could possibly want.

However, this year, the museum have introduced a clever new twist to the show, by adding a 'RETRO VILLAGE'
A marquee with vintage traders, who will be selling a mixed variety of stock.
This innovative idea broadens the event out, meaning it will cater to all fans of the retro & vintage world.

And this is where you'll find me!!!

As, although I have a great selection of car-themed memorabilia, I can bring along a wider range of things to interest all vintage aficionados.

This mammoth event is over the weekend of Saturday 16th May – Sunday 17th May, and will be a stunning show. There is an extraordinary amount to see and do, just visiting the well-renowned museum and seeing all the stalls will take all weekend!!

Check it all out HERE

And keep in touch for news of some of the great motor-related stock I'll be bringing along!

Thursday 13 February 2020


Looks like I'll be beaten by the weather again this weekend, as Storm Dennis looms ever nearer.

Was hoping to be at the Giant Shepton Flea Market this Sunday ...

February hasn't been the best of months for fairs, but at least I've been busy working on new projects and renovating bits and pieces.

I also have some very exciting news of an amazing event I'll be attending this year, so stay tuned for more news!!!

Monday 10 February 2020


Having survived the wild weather this weekend on Portland, all eyes are once again on the forecasts ...

Will it or won't it be howling winds and rain for this Sunday's Giant Shepton Flea Market??!!

As a trader, this is incredibly frustrating, as you just can't plan or get ready for events. Plus I have some fantastic stock that I haven't yet been able to display at fairs.

The good thing about this one is you don't have to pre-book, just turn up on the day, so at least I can make a decision the night before.

So fingers crossed ... !!!

Thursday 6 February 2020


Just wanted to show you this amazing mirror ...

I absolutely love it, mostly because it has that worn and battered look!

Some people would think, 'That's rubbish ... chuck it in the tip!', but to anyone who knows their antiques and salvage, this is a real gem!! 

The look is very desirable, and would stand out in any room it was placed in.

Weather permitting I'll be at the next Giant Shepton Flea on 16th February, so come along and find it there!!

Monday 3 February 2020


At a recent street market I bought this brilliant figurine ...

He was obviously part of a branding and advertising for a product.
When I first saw it, I thought I'd seen it before, on perhaps an advert for a whisky, but haven't found any references for anything like that.

So this happy chappy, with the splendid beard, is a bit of a mystery!

Made of resin and standing at about 20cm high, he was originally holding something in his right hand, and probably left hand as well.
I wonder what it was?!

I think I'll use him as a prop on my stall, getting him to hold a flyer or business card.

Anyone who knows where he came from, and what he was advertising, please let me know and solve the mystery for me!!