Thursday 22 May 2014


I'm off to France for a little hols, so toodle pip for now....

I've packed my beret and stripey top, and tomorrow I'll be careering towards France on the Eurostar!
We will actually be in amongst the old volcanoes in the Contal region, but we'll still be hoping for a spot of vintiquing along the way!!

I'll also be taking loads of photos as usual. Here is a classic French scene I spotted a while back, a red 2CV!

And not forgetting my famous French invention...

Should have a bit of fair news and other exciting things in June, so keep in touch!!

Tuesday 20 May 2014


Next up in my series is the 1940s!!!

I managed to find a 40s postcard of Southend from the wonderful Pleasures of Past Times down in Cecil Court in London the other day. So I've finally been able to finish this one off!

Anyone with a passing knowledge of 40s fashions will spot the amazing hairstyles and dresses of the times, found in the gorgeous illustrations taken from original magazines and sheet music.

A Spitfire flying over reminds us the 40s were a dark time for everyone as well, and I've included original World War 2 ARP and WVS Civil Defence badges to symbolise the Home Front.

WW2 badges from the ArtPix Archives, the ARP badge was designed by Eric Gill, the designer, font creater and sculptor extraordinaire!

Managed to sneak in a couple of programmes from the old Regal Theatre in Southend and my favourite item, a Picture Post. This magazine was a real find for me a few years ago from Covent Garden, as it has people at Southend on the cover and a great feature inside. Dated August 11th 1945, it tells how Southend is enjoying its first Post-War summer.

Great programme from 1948.

Fantastic cover of 1945, from my favourite vintage magazine, Picture Post.

Lovely illustration from 1942 of a thoughtful girl pondering over her clothing coupons!
Here she features on my I LOVE 1940s design.

Hope you enjoyed looking at this postcard, I really only have the 1900s to finish off now. If I can get a 1980s postcard I'll do that one as well!

Have a sneak at the whole series so far on my website HERE

Sunday 11 May 2014


Have some very exciting news for you!

There is a tiny feature on me in the latest issue of V and Oak magazine!!!

Buy this amazing magazine now, it really is 'Vintage and One of a Kind'! It is being sold in Harrods and Selfridges and in newsagents throughout central London and in various cities around the country.

Lucky for me, I'm on page 13, where you find a pictures of two of my Southend Decades Postcards.
A nice pic of 1960s Southend and a smaller one of the 1910s.

Matt ArtPix is on page 13!!

Also, I've got an advert on page 89 alongside the splendid Arcane Publishing!

Lovely adverts of yours truly and Arcane Publishing!

I'm immensely proud to say that there is also a FULL PAGE feature on my partner in crime CARYA GISH on page 186!!
A lovely review of her first novel 'I AM A MUSE', all very exciting!!

Fabulous feature on Carya Gish!!

Check out the V and Oak website HERE

And this is the amazing list of stockists HERE

Wednesday 7 May 2014


Here is a Deco delight for you....

1930s SOUTHEND!!!

The latest of my on-going series of postcards of sunny Southend throughout the decades.

This one is a very sophisticated look at the Flirty 30s, with some very fashionable young types, and some not so very young types!

A gorgeous fashion illustration of a young woman leads the way, as the actor Jack Buchanan, in a spiffing top hat, checks out what's happening.
The girl with the amazing red hat is from a sheet music cover from 1931, who is sitting on a typical 30s picture frame which shows a mystery woman that I've blogged about before!

The racing car that is roaring down Pier Hill can't wait to get to the Whist Drive and Dance at the Palace Hotel, the hottest ticket in town!

The chap with the pipe is a favourite character of mine, who has featured on many of my designs, including my first ever business cards! I also love the image of the lady in white, she is another star of my collages.

Finishing up is a raffish looking Tom Walls from a cigarette card of 1934 and a stamp of the 1937 Coronation of George VI, while a modern looking aeroplane flies over Royal Terrace!

Lovely and slightly battered sheet music cover from 1931!

The mystery girl from the 30s, inside one of my many Art Deco era frames!

Love this ticket, found in a theatre programme from 1938!

I'm really getting through this series now, I've finished the 1910s, 20s, 30s, 50s, 60s and 70s. I've almost finished the 1900s and the 1940s, although annoyingly I can't find a suitable 40s postcard to use! I'll keep on hunting around!

Keep in touch for more postcard news!!