Wednesday 30 June 2021


On a rare outing for the combined forces of ArtPix and Arcane Publishing recently, we found ourselves at Powderham Castle in Devon, where I spotted these lovely old window frames. 


The castle is a fortified manor house with all sorts of architectural styles going on, and on a gorgeous patio overlooking the Exe Estuary, these weathered windows had a real charm to them.

Sunday 27 June 2021


After a classic ArtPix calamity weekend, it can only be onwards and upwards!!!!

My unit at the Customs House in West Bay, Dorset is still doing well, and I'm still flogging stuff on Facebook Marketplace, so please check it all out and help small traders!!!!!

Friday 25 June 2021


Got two markets this weekend!!!

It still seems like the year hasn't really got going, so is nice to be able to be out and about at last.

Tomorrow morning I'll be at Bagwell Farm Car Boot, which is just outside of Weymouth. It's located on top of a small hill, overlooking the Fleet and Chesil Beach, and with views across to Portland, amazing!!

Then Sunday I'll be at the Bridport Vintage Market, in the centre of the lovely Dorset town of Bridport.

Both these markets are their first events since the Covid crisis began, so it really will be good to be back.

Tuesday 22 June 2021


Got these fantastic wooden drawers for sale!

They date to the 1940s/1950s and would look great in a home office.

They've got five drawers, with one of them a deeper drawer at the bottom. Several have dividers inside them, for storing stationary and bits & pieces.

I've got them up on Facebook Marketplace for a bargain £35.

Have a look HERE, or get in touch via email:



Monday 21 June 2021


So pleased to announce that I'll be at Bridport Vintage Market on Sunday 27th June!!

This fantastic market is back up-and-running, so get on down to Dorset and check it out!!

I'll have loads of amazing vintage goodies to show you, see you there!!

Friday 18 June 2021



Am I imagining it, or are ITV sneaking in snippets of the Happy Mondays choon Tart Tart, before they go to the adverts on their Euro coverage????!!!!

I keep hearing it, and I'm convinced!!!
Someone on there must have a sense of humour.
I loved this track, (was it in 1989???), and I even had it on a video!!
It was just before the horror show of Step On, when they went terrible and I gave up with them.
Happy daze tho, and at least it has raised a smile in these dismal times....


Tuesday 15 June 2021


Sorry I haven't been very active online recently ... but I've been very active offline ... which, to be honest, is far more important!

Recent activities have included driving to London in a hire van with Carya Gish to pick up a huge collection of books.

Restoring bits of Mid-Century furniture.

Sourcing amazing stock.

Sorting out that huge collection of books.

Oh, and most importantly of all, watching tonnes of football on the telly!!!!