Wednesday 30 May 2018


I'll be sharing a stall with Carya Gish from Arcane Publishing on Saturday, for this amazing Alternative Music festival down in Dorset! 

Amongst the stuff I'll have for sale are a selection of now hard-to-find band T-shirts.
I can guarantee their authenticity as I bought and owned all of them!

Check out some of them here ...

Original Happy Mondays T-shirt from 1989! This was the cover for the 12" Vince Clarke Mix of their classic Wrote for Luck. I loved them at this time, they were still cool and original, but not long after they went bloated and, lets be honest, rubbish. What a shame. 

Carrying on the Madchester theme, this is another original from 1989. The Stone Roses were another band totally unique at the time and way cooler than anyone else. And sadly, again never able to sustain it.

Invaders Must Die from The Prodigy. They always had the best T-shirts!!

This is a naughty bootleg long-sleeved top bought outside The Prodigy's Brixton Academy gigs in December 1997. They were absolutely at the top of their game at that time. Their gigs hauled in an eclectic mix of different tribes, from old-skool ravers, clubbers, metal-heads and cyber punks. Great days!

This is a rare Pigface top from 1995, which I think was the last time they came over to England. The Industrial super-group was put together by legendary drummer Martin Atkins around 1989. Based in USA, they had a fluid and ever-changing line-up of stars of the Alternative Music world on their albums and live shows. This top came from their show at the Clapham Grand in London, where another mix of musicians, performed. Ogre from Skinny Puppy was particularly brilliant that night!

This is Body Count, the American rapper Ice-T's foray into the world of metal. A brave and unlikely venture, from a very traditional type of rapper, their gig at Brixton Academy around 1993, was a brilliant night. 

This is a long-sleeved top from Switzerland's finest The Young Gods. One of all-time fave bands, its a rare top from 1992, the era of their mighty single Skinflowers and album TV Sky.

Another long-sleever, this time from EBM giants VNV Nation. It features their Dark Angel album, and is a fine example of their classy and immaculately designed graphics.

Great T-shirt from Terrorvision, saw them a lot in their very early days and thought they were brilliant. I didn't really follow them much after that, but I think this came from a gig at the Forum in London around 1994??

A bootleg from the imperious Fields of the Nephilim, when they reformed and played at the old London Astoria in 2007. Still waiting for their next album!!!! But as always the gig was immense, with Carl McCoy's voice still resonating around Tottenham Court Road even now.

If you fancy one of these classics, then catch me at ALICE'S WICKED TEA PARTY ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL on Saturday 2nd June.

Saturday 26 May 2018


Tomorrow is the big day, so come on down to lovely Bridport in Dorset for a vintage treat!!

It will be a special 1960s themed day, the site of the market is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, as it began trading in 1968.

I've dug out some sizzling Sixties vintage items especially for you. 

PLUS my exclusive artworks of Beatles merchandise, from my sister's very own collection, and my very popular collage of the 1960s! 


Thursday 24 May 2018


Have a look at this fantastic original 1960s stool ...

They were called 'Tulip' because of the unusual shape, and were made to sit at a dressing table.

I love the shape of it and the fluffy cover, it would look great in a groovy bedroom! 

If you are a fan of the Sixties, then lucky you, as this Sunday the BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET are having a Sixties themed day, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the St Michael's Trading Estate opening in 1968. 

I'll be down there as well, so come along to Bridport in Dorset and check it out.
I'll have this stool on my stall!!

Tuesday 22 May 2018


Recently bought this stash of lovely Bartholomew and Geographia maps which mostly date from the 1940s.

I love these old maps, especially the Bartholomew's Revised "Half-inch" Contoured Maps, which were printed on gorgeous cloth. Although the Kent map is on paper as it was produced during the War in 1942, when on the back they had a 'Utility Map Fold' explanation on how to not rip them!

I've picked out the Devonshire and East Cornwall map by Geographia to have a closer look at.
It has a distinctive orange/salmon colour and oddly covers Devon and only part of Cornwall. You would've had to buy Map No. 15 if you wanted to see the rest of Cornwall!

When spread out it does look impressive though. And as the land mass is only in white, and with clear and large type for the place names, it makes it much clearer to follow than the Bartholomew maps.

Here is north Devon and Ilfracombe, a place I know very well.

And tucked away in the left hand corner is the mysterious Lundy Island. Although only a tiny island it still manages to have loads of names attached to it. I especially like the Mousehole & Trap!

I always like to know when a map was made.
Geographia use a curious dating system on their maps, while Barthlolomew use a fairly simple letter and numbers to date theirs. 
For Bartholomew maps, using the example 'A 35', meant the map was produced in 1935, with the A denoting the first half of the year from January to June. 
'B 35' would simply be the second half of the year 1935 from July to December.

Geographia however use a very odd way!
With a series of letters you can decipher the month and year it was produced using the word CUMBERLAND.

On the map shown above it has the letters CU MN.

Using the secret code you can tell it was made in December 1939.

But how does it work?!
Here goes ...

C = 1
U = 2
M = 3
B = 4
E = 5
R = 6
L = 7
A = 8
N = 9
D = 0

The first two letters are the month of the year, so CU gives you the numbers 1 and 2, putting them together would be 12, meaning December!

Last two are the year, MN is the numbers 3 and 9, put together is 39, giving you the year 1939.

Phew, its a bit convoluted isn't it?!

Michelin maps have a similarly bizarre code to crack, I wonder why they all made it so difficult??
Although Bartholomew started to print the month and year at the bottom of their maps from the late 40s onwards.

So if you have a few old maps knocking around, see if you can work out those dates!

Monday 21 May 2018


If you fancy a bit of 60s flower power, then have a peep at these fabulous flower designs on plates!

The 'Flower Power' range was produced by Washington Pottery Ltd in the 1960s, and these cheerful and crazy ceramics would brighten up any kitchen.

They also feature in the Miller's Collecting the 1960s book!

If you're a fan of the Swinging Sixties, then I've got the perfect day out for you!!

This Sunday, on the 27th May, the BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET, is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the St Michael's Trading Estate, and will be doing a special 60s themed celebration!

And if that wasn't enough, you can actually buy the Flower Power plates at my stall there!!!
So come on down to the lovely town of Bridport in Dorset and find me at this amazing event!

Friday 18 May 2018


Despite all the messing around its received over the years, the F.A. Cup still retains that old magic, sending a shiver down the spine.

With the endless possibilities for upsets by smaller clubs, the most unlikeliest of teams and players can have their moment in the sun. Just think of Ronnie Radford and Hereford United in 1972!

Even at the other end of the footballing scale the Cup can be a valuable way of ending the season with a shiny trophy in the cabinet.

Which is exactly what tomorrow's final can provide for two of the biggest teams in the land.
While Chelsea have failed to reach the golden top 4 this season, Manchester United have hardly had a memorable season, having spent heavily last summer.

Add to that the spice of this undoubtably being Chelsea boss Antonio Conte's last match in charge before the inevitable chop. AND Jose Mourinho facing his old club!

It could of course descend into a tactical bore, with both managers reverting to their defensive instincts, but lets hope its a corker!

And if you know your history, take a look at my exclusive retro artworks of both clubs.
Packed with memories of these two unique teams.

Retro Chelsea featuring Peter Osgood, Peter Bonetti, Bobby Tambling, Roy Bentley and going back even further 1920s star Andy Wilson and 30s striker George Mills.

Retro Manchester United, with George Best, Bobby Charlton, Denis Law, Alex Stepney, Bryan Robson and Norman Whiteside.

King's Road legend Peter Osgood, was an F.A. Cup winner with Chelsea in 1970, scoring in the replay played at Old Trafford. He also won another winners medal with Southampton in 1976, ironically against Man Utd.

The incomparable George Best. Although he never won the F.A. Cup, he did win a priceless European Cup winners medal in 1968.

It would be wonderful to see these two players in the modern game. Their transfer values would be insane!!

Tuesday 15 May 2018


As a fan of Alternative Music I've been to hundreds and hundreds of gigs over the years and acquired boxes full of flyers and leaflets advertising future gigs and clubs.
I've always taken them, as they are thrust into your face, on the way to the venue. 
In the pre-internet days they were a handy way of knowing what gigs were on. 

But I wonder how many people actually kept them?!

Delving into those boxes was a treat, seeing the gigs I went to and what clubs and gigs were happening at that particular time.

I presume most people chucked them away, but now is your chance to relive those half-remembered gigs you went to!!

I've picked out a few spare ones and framed them up, and they'll be exclusively on my stall at the fabulous music festival, ALICE'S WICKED TEA PARTY, on 2nd June. 

Here is a selection of some of the flyers I found:

A Killing Joke flyer advertising three gigs in 1994 on their Pandemonium tour. One of the best live bands ever.  I went to the one in Wolverhampton!

A typical KMFDM design. They've always had the most striking and easily recognisable posters and album artwork. 

Laibach gigs are always momentous occasions. A really unique experience from a truly unique band.

Another stunning performer is Jarboe, she has massive stage presence and an immense voice.

Quite a rare appearance from the Canadian band Skinny Puppy. Hilariously the security down the front had wised up and protected themselves, as singer Ogre does have a habit of showering them with strange substances!!!

One of my all-time favourite bands, especially live. The Swiss maestros are always a joy to watch.

This tiny flyer is probably quite rare. After Fields of the Nephilim split, singer Carl McCoy formed The Nefilim, and played possibly their only London gig here at the old Astoria in 1996. I've framed and spray-painted it in a suitable looking frame. And, by the way, the gig was absolutely stunning!

I also found these two gems featuring The Sisters of Mercy.
Bizarrely they were cut out from copies of teeny mag Smash Hits!!!
Above is an advert for the classic Floodland album, with Andrew Eldritch and Patricia Morrison on the cover, from 1987.

And below, the unlikely hit single Lucretia My Reflection, from a Smash Hits in 1988.
I've no idea how I had copies of Smash Hits, not unless it was to get these adverts!!

As mentioned above, I'll have these on my stall at ALICE'S WICKED TEA PARTY, the fantastic Alternative Music Festival near Wareham in Dorset. 
The festival is on Friday 1st June – Saturday 2nd June, and my stall will be up and running throughout the whole of Saturday, so come along!!!

Alice's Facebook HERE

Friday 11 May 2018


I've got a great selection of rare Elvis Presley photographs to show you.

All dating from around the early 1960s, they are black and white prints and postcards.
Either given away as promo, or perhaps sold via his Fan Club, they are all numbered and were printed by an agency called Brel.

The one above is a promo shot from the 1963 film Fun in Acapulco, which was a musical comedy romp co-starring Ursula Andress.

The next two are the postcards:

These rare prints show a particular time in Elvis' career, and of course he looks super-cool!

And Elvis fans you are in luck!

I'll have these on my stall at The Customs House Sunday Market at West Bay in Dorset this Sunday, the 13th May!!
You can have a peep at them and maybe add them to your Elvis collections!!

Wednesday 9 May 2018


Got these fabulously retro canisters to show you!!
They would brighten up any kitchen and give it a real vintage twist!

First up are these completely iconic Cornishware pieces.

The timeless blue and white stripe design was first produced in 1924 by T.G. Green & Co Ltd. 
They are highly collectable, and expensive(!), but you'll be able to pick up a bargain with these!

These are slightly more unusual, and I'll have to call them 'Retro Style'.

Produced in France, they are actually authentic looking reproductions of old tea and coffee canisters. The range are called Damier Rouge, after their distinctive red checkerboard designs, and they look very stylish as well! 

I also have three of these splendidly groovy 1960s canisters!!

In a very original olive green colour, they also have a fantastic circles, squares and stars pattern.
They would make a brilliant display in a funky looking kitchen!

I'm keeping fingers firmly crossed for the weather to behave at The Customs House Sunday Market in West Bay, Dorset on 13th May. I'll be down there and displaying these on a stall in the courtyard of this magnificent building. 
So come on down and grab some retro bargains!