Friday 21 June 2019


Just a little update on all things ArtPix ...

I'm off this week for a jaunt in dear old Devon, visiting some of the ArtPix Clan. 

Of course I'll still be hunting high and low for amazing vintage bits & pieces to sell at fairs!!!
I'll also be checking out a Salvage Fair that I'm thinking of trading at in the future.

Having just had a mad creative spell recently, I'll show you the other artworks I've been working on when I get back, including two brand new Retro Football collages.

And finally, my next event is the brilliant BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET on 30th June!
See you there!!! 


Wednesday 19 June 2019


I was flicking through the tonnes of vintage images I've got, when suddenly a few jumped out and inspiration struck!!

I'm constantly scanning and photographing bits and pieces that I buy, knowing one day they'll be useful!

As always there is no silly statement involved, no message, no grand gesture. 
My collages are always just random images plucked from the many thousands tucked away in the ArtPix Archives.
My only criteria being that they all have to be vintage images ...

I also finished another one, which I'll reveal soon.
I'm getting them printed, and taking them along to the DORSET ART MARKET in Dorchester on July 27th. 
My first art market in years, which I'm really excited about.

Wednesday 12 June 2019


As I've been drifting into driftwood art recently, I thought I'd try out another idea I had ...
A set of Dorset signposts with a vintage twist!

All made from wood washed up on the beach at Chesil Cove on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, right next to ArtPix Towers!!

This year I started picking up bits and pieces to use on driftwood art ideas. 
After a storm the beach is always awash with loads of wood, of all shapes and sizes, often with that wonderful worn look to it. 

So I came up with the idea of using it to make something a bit different.
There are various places along Dorset's famous Jurassic Coast featured ... 

Using some vintage images, and a classic 30s/40s font, they make a striking piece of artwork that can be hung on a wall or propped up anywhere!

They are currently in my unit at The Customs House in West Bay, Dorset.
So if they have any takers I'll carry on and make some more!
Hurry up while stocks last!! 


Wednesday 5 June 2019


Lest we forget .....

What a shame the anniversary of this world-changing event is blighted by endless pictures of royalty and Trump.
It took me ages to find a picture of a veteran on the BBC website. Disgraceful.

The politicians come and go, but these dignified people are still here and still living with their memories.

Below is one of my favourite quotes from a Siegfried Sassoon poem ...

You Marshals, gilt and red
You Ministers and Princes, and Great Men,
Why can't you keep your mouthings for the dead?
Go round the simple cemeteries; and then
Talk of our noble sacrifice and losses
To the wooden crosses.

Sunday 2 June 2019



Had a stonking night yesterday at the Electrowerkz in London seeing some truly Industrial legends!!

Blew the cobwebs away, and forgot about the banality of mainstream culture/Brexit/Trump/the stupidity of our politicians etc etc etc, to watch some individuals who have trodden a unique path in the music industry for decades.

I was a massive fan of the hi-energy thrash of electronics and guitar that was CUBANATE, so seeing them back on stage was a huge buzz for me.

And singer Marc Heal has lost none of his bite, pacing the stage and shouting out his hatred of the world. 
The bonus is, their new material is magnificent as well, so they have a renewed purpose to carry on scaring the general public!

PIG are probably the best band in the world that you never knew about.

And that's the thing with the Alternative world. Bands and musicians with so much imagination and ability to work with anyone and everyone to create awe-inspiring music, but are never given the exposure or credit they deserve.
Bands, after one song, would change your whole world-view and inspire you to never listen to anything forced upon you by the manipulative mainstream media ever again.
Believe me, anything slightly edgy you see in the mainstream is a watered-down version of something that has already happened in the Alternative scene years ago!!

Pig's frontman Raymond Watts defies belief. A CV that is jaw-dropping, a voice and on-stage presence that few possess, AND, he looks amazing!!!

So just to be there and see him, and his multi-talented band, was pure joy.
I was particularly pleased to see another stalwart of the Industrial scene – En Esch – currently part of the Pig family, and a long time associate of Watts.

He was very much part of my education in Alternative music back in the day with KMFDM.

Also, a special mention to the first band on stage, RANDOLPH & MORTIMER. A fabulous set, containing an intriguing range of influences and styles, that really drew you in.
We will definitely be keeping an eye on this lot.

We left the venue completely re-energised, to take on the world once more, and make these voices heard.

Please check out all these people!!!!