Monday, 2 March 2020


I had an absolutely brilliant day at Lou Lou's Bristol Vintage Fair last Saturday!!
It was my first fair in the city, and I loved the place.
The venue, The Passenger Shed, was spectacular, and there were very cool people around, all prepared to spend lots of money on my stall!!!

There will be quite a lot of things happening outside of the ArtPix World this month, which means my next scheduled market isn't until the end of the month ...
I'll be back at the brilliant Bridport Vintage Market on Sunday 29th March, so pop in and find me there!

I'm going to be out and about this month checking out different markets that I'm hoping I can do. Starting back in Bristol next weekend.

Also, I've started gathering together a few vintage bits and pieces that I'll be selling online.
Some things are either too big, too delicate or too expensive(!) to sell at fairs, so it makes sense to keep them safely at home and see if someone wants to pick them up from ArtPix Towers.

Keep in touch for more news on all these fronts!!

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