Tuesday, 24 March 2020


Now that we are at home during these extraordinary events, what better time than to dig out a vintage jigsaw puzzle?!

I actually started this devilish difficult jigsaw last year, and after a lack of progress, put it on the back burner!

But of course now with events unfolding, we are all finding all sorts of things to do at home!!
So back out of the cupboard came this cheeky puzzle ... 

One big reason it was so difficult was because it didn't have a picture with it, just the elusive title, 'Woodland Scene with Sheep'.

It was just a jumble of greens, browns, and the odd bit of yellow!

But this week I finally finished it ...

It was a joy to do, chiefly as it was so hard, but also because it has so much charm.
The pieces are made from thick wood and have unusual shapes dotted around, including swords and axes.

And, as an extra bonus, it has written inside the box, the dates it was originally put together.
Brilliantly, the owner wrote down when they completed the jigsaw. 

The first being October 12th 1931.

They had another go a month later, on November 10th, and again on December 3rd!

Presumably they got another puzzle for Christmas that year, as they weren't tempted to do it again until July 1932!!
Every time the puzzle was finished, the person faithfully wrote down the date, right up until the final time on October 17th 1933.

It would be tempting to think this is the first time it has been done since then, nearly 87 years ago ...

PS. Annoyingly there was one bit missing(!), but I guess that isn't too bad for any vintage jigsaw ....

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