Friday, 7 September 2018


Picked up this rather elegant pair of binos recently!

Made in France by the company Iris de Paris, they are actually quite small but beautifully designed.

Once you extend the binoculars to focus them, they reveal two logos.

On the right hand side is the name of the company, reading... 


Then on the left hand lens, an exquisitely drawn illustration of a car, with the word AUTO above it.

It looks like there is a whole set of these binoculars, each with a different illustration and word, for different activities they could be used at.
I've found several examples, including Cyclist, Nautical, Pilot for a ship and Artillery.

My pair are obviously for when out-and-about in your car, touring around cities or the countryside.

A pair were recently sold at Bonhams and they had the date as circa 1920.
I would venture that they could be older than that, certainly pre-First World War.
The style of the car looks older than the 1920s.

If you fancy them, then I'll be bringing them along to my next fair, the wonderful VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR at Wells Town Hall in Somerset on 22nd September!

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