Wednesday, 12 September 2018


The art festival B-Side is in full swing at the mo on the Isle of Portland in Dorset.
And my fave thing so far is this brilliantly simple, but hugely atmospheric, football-themed piece.

Created by artist Laura Hopes, its set in one of the most unusual football stadiums you'll ever likely to see. 
The Portland Bowl Stadium is actually an old quarry, with the football pitches at the bottom of it. The tree-lined sides of the bowl look like banks of terracing full of fans.

Its a really weird place, as it feels like hundreds of people are watching you!
Which is exactly what the artist has picked up on, because as you walk around the pitch there is a sound recording of a 5,000 strong crowd cheering and chanting. Everywhere you can hear this invisible crowd. A fabulous idea.

It creates a fantastically eerie feeling, as if the fans are actually there. 
And with a couple of orange retro-looking footballs on the pitch, you can indulge in a bit of shooting practice, all whilst being cheered on by the crowd!

Imagining you are scoring that winning goal of course!

I didn't want to leave, as it was so evocative. Even the changing rooms had a ghostly air about them, and there was even a mist swirling around the trees.

I felt like there were ghosts of fans and players all around.

Told you!!

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