Thursday, 14 June 2018


A World Cup frenzy has already hit ArtPix Towers, as I've got all my England flags and the wall chart out!!!

And for the first time in decades I've managed to see the first game of the tournament, something I've always missed because of pesky work.
I also sat through the mercifully short opening ceremony, which for some bizarre reason consisted of Robbie Williams running around the pitch singing his old songs, (no, I don't know why either!).

Last year the Russians released a fantastic retro style poster, featuring their old legendary goalkeeper, Lev Yashin. I absolutely loved it. 
I thought it was the official poster, but it seems to have disappeared, which is a massive shame. Instead they have a fairly regular corporate style poster now.

So I'm bringing it back now, to marvel at this superb design!

Enjoy the footie!!!

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