Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Having lived by the sea virtually all my life, either in Southend-on-Sea or on the Isle of Portland, this famous ditty really could be my song!!

First written in the midst of Edwardian England in 1907, it became a music hall classic, and has been famous ever since.

It really conjures up what England is all about, with families coming down to the sea for a day trip or their hols, for a good old jolly up by the seaside!

Last year I bought a couple of fantastic 1920s postcards of splendidly attired grandparents with their grandchild, walking along a promenade. I decided to use one of them with the famous song title included.
I chose the off-beat Victorian font and worn-away style to represent that slightly run-down, faded glamour that you can find on certain seafronts.

Shame I can't pinpoint which seaside town they were in, although in amongst these cards I bought were two from Margate, which had people that really looked like they were from the same family, so it could possibly be the now trendy Kent town. 

I'm hoping to get this printed up and framed, so any takers let me know!! 

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