Monday, 25 June 2018


Have just finished watching the very stylish French Sci-fi drama MISSIONS, which had been on BBC4.

With its stunning opening title sequence and cool Electro theme tune, this has been a real joy to watch.
The mission in question was a trek to Mars and the air of mystery and tension mounted as they discovered, what should have been a long-dead Soviet astronaut, was already there.

That's all I'll give away as you might want to give it a go yourself.
Its also a handy way to catch up with your knowledge of French swear words!

But there was a nice retro touch with the character of the mysterious astronaut Komorov, who, in the story, was a comrade of Yuri Gagarin.

Gagarin was, in 1961, the most famous person on the planet, as he became the first human to fly into outer space. 

My own comrade, Carya Gish of Arcane Publishing, has this amazing magazine from the time of Yuri's famous flight.

Simply called SOVIET UNION, it has a fabulous portrait of the hero of the hour. 

This magazine from 1961 is a real oddity. Published in England, its clearly a propaganda vehicle for the country and for Communism. Strange articles and features and even some cartoons, paint a picture of how open and technologically advanced the country was. Its a fascinating bit of history in itself.

By the way, Miss Gish is actually selling this and another Soviet Union magazine, so let me know if you are interested!!

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