Saturday, 27 March 2021


A long while ago I bought this pair of old binoculars ...

Throughout the Covid lockdowns they remained in the ArtPix Storeroom, but as time dragged on I decided I'd sell them on Facebook.

I was going to put them up for £10, but as I like to give as much info as possible when selling items, thought I'd do a quick online research first, as there are no maker's marks anywhere.

I'm glad I did!!

Turns out that they date to the Second World War, (or possibly even earlier), and are made by the German company Carl Zeiss Jena.

It did give me a tiny shiver down the spine, as all sorts of images and stories go through your head.


We'll never know who owned them, what they saw, where they were, or how they got to Britain. It could of course be really bad as to where they were and who had them, any scenario is possible.

But we know one thing, because although not especially rare, they are of huge historical interest.

And I nearly flogged them for a tenner ... it pays to research things first!

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