Saturday, 2 May 2020


Have dug out this fantastic football game that I bought at a vintage fair last year.
Its an arcade game, that dates to around 1957.

You would bung in an old penny in the slot to release the footballs, then ping each one up the side of the panel, and try and catch them with the handle on the left. If you did finally manage to get one, then you'd have to delicately try and get them into the numbered rack in the goal.

Your prize was a fantastic footballer portrait card!

The game brilliantly still has 50 of its original cards. They were produced by the The Master Vending Company Ltd in 1959, specifically for these types of arcade games.

The set was called 'Did You Know', as on the back there were little facts and figures, but the fronts are extra special as they feature all the well-known football stars of the day.

They really capture that 50s period, with players like Nat Lofthouse, Tom Finney, Stanley Matthews, Johnny Haynes, and even a very young Brian Clough!

Unfortunately some of the mechanics at the back of the game are missing, so the game only partially works, but you can still ping the balls around and have fun with it!

I'll reluctantly be selling it when things are up and running again, and it'll make a really cool feature in a shop, café or just in a someone's home!

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