Wednesday, 13 February 2019


Welcome to my latest upcycling project!

I've transformed a rather mundane looking dressing table mirror into a highly colourful fashion and style statement!!

Using a bit of gold spray and bright pink paint, I brightened it all up.

Then added a mixture of the latest fashion pictures and vintage images, that I've cut out from magazines, and kept for projects like these.

Screen legend Joan Crawford looks at home doing her make-up with this mirror!

The wonderful Grace Jones makes an appearance too!

Just one of the fantastic vintage images.

And the contemporary fashion pix.

Every bit of space has been used!

 And here is Julie Andrews in full flight!

I really like the combination of the old and new pictures and the contrasting colours of gold and pink.

By the way, the reflection in the mirror is of my vintage dressmaker's dummy, which I thought was appropriate for this fashion-inspired piece!

As with all individual projects like this, you will own a complete one-off!!
So if you run along to the lovely LOU LOU'S BOURNEMOUTH VINTAGE FAIR at the Pavilion Theatre on Sunday 17th February you will find it on my stall!!!

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