Tuesday, 15 May 2018


As a fan of Alternative Music I've been to hundreds and hundreds of gigs over the years and acquired boxes full of flyers and leaflets advertising future gigs and clubs.
I've always taken them, as they are thrust into your face, on the way to the venue. 
In the pre-internet days they were a handy way of knowing what gigs were on. 

But I wonder how many people actually kept them?!

Delving into those boxes was a treat, seeing the gigs I went to and what clubs and gigs were happening at that particular time.

I presume most people chucked them away, but now is your chance to relive those half-remembered gigs you went to!!

I've picked out a few spare ones and framed them up, and they'll be exclusively on my stall at the fabulous music festival, ALICE'S WICKED TEA PARTY, on 2nd June. 

Here is a selection of some of the flyers I found:

A Killing Joke flyer advertising three gigs in 1994 on their Pandemonium tour. One of the best live bands ever.  I went to the one in Wolverhampton!

A typical KMFDM design. They've always had the most striking and easily recognisable posters and album artwork. 

Laibach gigs are always momentous occasions. A really unique experience from a truly unique band.

Another stunning performer is Jarboe, she has massive stage presence and an immense voice.

Quite a rare appearance from the Canadian band Skinny Puppy. Hilariously the security down the front had wised up and protected themselves, as singer Ogre does have a habit of showering them with strange substances!!!

One of my all-time favourite bands, especially live. The Swiss maestros are always a joy to watch.

This tiny flyer is probably quite rare. After Fields of the Nephilim split, singer Carl McCoy formed The Nefilim, and played possibly their only London gig here at the old Astoria in 1996. I've framed and spray-painted it in a suitable looking frame. And, by the way, the gig was absolutely stunning!

I also found these two gems featuring The Sisters of Mercy.
Bizarrely they were cut out from copies of teeny mag Smash Hits!!!
Above is an advert for the classic Floodland album, with Andrew Eldritch and Patricia Morrison on the cover, from 1987.

And below, the unlikely hit single Lucretia My Reflection, from a Smash Hits in 1988.
I've no idea how I had copies of Smash Hits, not unless it was to get these adverts!!

As mentioned above, I'll have these on my stall at ALICE'S WICKED TEA PARTY, the fantastic Alternative Music Festival near Wareham in Dorset. 
The festival is on Friday 1st June – Saturday 2nd June, and my stall will be up and running throughout the whole of Saturday, so come along!!!

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