Wednesday 30 May 2018


I'll be sharing a stall with Carya Gish from Arcane Publishing on Saturday, for this amazing Alternative Music festival down in Dorset! 

Amongst the stuff I'll have for sale are a selection of now hard-to-find band T-shirts.
I can guarantee their authenticity as I bought and owned all of them!

Check out some of them here ...

Original Happy Mondays T-shirt from 1989! This was the cover for the 12" Vince Clarke Mix of their classic Wrote for Luck. I loved them at this time, they were still cool and original, but not long after they went bloated and, lets be honest, rubbish. What a shame. 

Carrying on the Madchester theme, this is another original from 1989. The Stone Roses were another band totally unique at the time and way cooler than anyone else. And sadly, again never able to sustain it.

Invaders Must Die from The Prodigy. They always had the best T-shirts!!

This is a naughty bootleg long-sleeved top bought outside The Prodigy's Brixton Academy gigs in December 1997. They were absolutely at the top of their game at that time. Their gigs hauled in an eclectic mix of different tribes, from old-skool ravers, clubbers, metal-heads and cyber punks. Great days!

This is a rare Pigface top from 1995, which I think was the last time they came over to England. The Industrial super-group was put together by legendary drummer Martin Atkins around 1989. Based in USA, they had a fluid and ever-changing line-up of stars of the Alternative Music world on their albums and live shows. This top came from their show at the Clapham Grand in London, where another mix of musicians, performed. Ogre from Skinny Puppy was particularly brilliant that night!

This is Body Count, the American rapper Ice-T's foray into the world of metal. A brave and unlikely venture, from a very traditional type of rapper, their gig at Brixton Academy around 1993, was a brilliant night. 

This is a long-sleeved top from Switzerland's finest The Young Gods. One of all-time fave bands, its a rare top from 1992, the era of their mighty single Skinflowers and album TV Sky.

Another long-sleever, this time from EBM giants VNV Nation. It features their Dark Angel album, and is a fine example of their classy and immaculately designed graphics.

Great T-shirt from Terrorvision, saw them a lot in their very early days and thought they were brilliant. I didn't really follow them much after that, but I think this came from a gig at the Forum in London around 1994??

A bootleg from the imperious Fields of the Nephilim, when they reformed and played at the old London Astoria in 2007. Still waiting for their next album!!!! But as always the gig was immense, with Carl McCoy's voice still resonating around Tottenham Court Road even now.

If you fancy one of these classics, then catch me at ALICE'S WICKED TEA PARTY ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL on Saturday 2nd June.

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