Saturday, 4 November 2017


Just a quick update on the many things going on in the ArtPix Studio at the moment!

Work is progressing nicely on my latest decoupage idea. I recently bought a lovely 1930s bedside cabinet and decided to give it a unique Art Deco twist. I've sanded it down and painted it black and I'll soon be adding a decoupage of amazing 30s theatre magazines to the top of it.
The cabinet before the work started!

Got through a few sheets of sandpaper!

I've also started a couple of brand new digital collages, each with completely different subjects.
One is a crazy one based in Portland and the other is a tribute to France during the First World War, which I'm hoping to finish in time for November 11th.

The reverse of the French Croix de Guerre medal, awarded to soldiers who served in the First World War.

Another very exciting project I've got is coming up with ideas for posters and visuals for an event in London. The combined forces of Arcane Publishing and Oil54 are to hold another feast of music and literature next February and plans are already well under way!

So stay tuned right here for updates on all these things!!!

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