Monday, 23 January 2012

TIPSY 20s!

At last my all new collage of the 1920s is finished!! 

Here is my very own homage to that roaring decade, I present to you the TIPSY 20s......

This latest addition to my DAZZLING DECADES series is all about that carefree decade of decadence!
And lucky you, the 1920s are right back in vogue thanks to the wondrous film THE ARTIST, the amazing BOARDWALK EMPIRE and with THE GREAT GATSBY remake and the new DOWNTON ABBEY coming up.
So what better chance to grab a slice of 20s glamour right here!!!

As with all the Decades series, the spirit of these collages is the personal objects rather than the world events. Again all these items are from my own collection.

Included is the classic Charleston, a lovely old Austin 7, an original Woodbine cigarette packet and a photo album from 1928.
Poignant items from the post World War 1 era of the early 20s, including an emotive British Legion Album and a souvenir from Ypres in Belgium from the Pilgrimage Tours to the battlefields.

Also featured are some rare French pieces. A book from the renowned author Colette, Le Cordon Bleu cookery magazine from 1921 and a Paris Metro map from 1928.

Other things to look out for are original photos of the 1924 British Exhibition at Wembley and an Italian Michelin map from 1929.

The DAZZLING DECADES series now spans the 1920s to the 1980s. I will be doing a special 1914-1918 World War 1 collage and may tackle the 1910s if I have enough material!

I'll keep you posted of some more exciting news very soon.

So Toodle pip for now as Bertie Wooster would say!!

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