Thursday 21 March 2024


I'm always looking to save, renovate or recycle things.

So this simple idea to create a really nice item to brighten up a room, was made from two rescued items I've picked up along the way.


Using an old backing board from an antique picture frame, a bundle of which I found going for free outside a framing shop.

And a vintage sheet music cover, from a huge pile of old and very tatty sheet music that was being thrown out.

Picking out a sheet which had a strong and interesting cover, I simply stuck it to one of the old boards. Then varnished it to protect it, which actually also really enhances the colours. 


Hey presto, here's a nice bit of artwork, that can be put anywhere around any room!


Incidentally, the sheet music I used is from the 1929 film, Glad Rag Doll, which has sadly been lost, although apparently the trailer of the film survives!

And Interesting Film Fact of the Day: the star of the film Dolores Costello, was the Grandmother of actress Drew Barrymore!

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