Friday 14 April 2023


Sometimes things do work out for you...

Outside it's raining, grey and miserable today, but last weekend it was perfect weather for outdoor markets.


Had a great time at the Langport Vintage Market and Giant Shepton Flea, where there were loads of punters all willing to spend their cash!!

After a tough winter, and a very slow start to the year, that was very welcome.

All the hard work of sourcing stock, cleaning up and repairing, researching, then labelling and pricing, for once, paid off.

Now to go again, and go out out hunting for more stock, endlessly checking the weather forecasts, then getting up at silly o'clock and unloading the van in a field.

All sounds daft, but I absolutely love it!!!

Beats commuting on trains and tubes to London, then sitting in an office doing stuff for someone else, which I did for years!!!

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