Wednesday, 20 April 2022


My poor Blog has been left behind a bit recently, sorry for so few updates this year!!

I've been busy doing stuff on my new shiny Instagram account instead!!

So, with Facebook as well, it does get a bit tricky keeping up with them all.

But I have a special fondness for this Blog, as this is where it all started for me online, way back in 2010.

I had this up-and-running before my main website, and I've enjoyed waffling on here over the years!!


Just recently I've been doing regular markets at Langport and Bridport, and had a hugely successful day at the Giant Shepton Flea last Sunday.

I'm hoping to add a few more places to trade from, but I do still do the odd boot fair at Dorchester and Yeovil, so you can find me there as well!!

Finding new stock for these events is, as always, a challenge, but a massively enjoyable one

Have also been super-busy renovating rescued bits of furniture.

I always love finding and restoring things, and giving them a new life.

Most of the time they are things that have been thrown away, and would end up in landfill.

Us vintage traders should be applauded for our tireless work in reusing and recycling so many items.

These often gorgeous bits of furniture look amazing when given a bit of TLC.

Check out this rather tired Mid-Century table I found recently.

I gave it a complete make-over, and now looks like a stunning and individual must-have table!!!

I also make things with driftwood, living near a beach, I find lots of washed-up wood and pallet wood, that's just asking to be made into something.

Bye for now, and I'll try and keep doing Blogs a bit more regularly, and thank you so much to my loyal band of readers!!!!



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