Wednesday, 21 July 2021


Sorry, I've been painfully inconsistent with my blogs and posts this year.


So here is a small update of whats been happening, or about to happen!


Last weekend in glorious sunshine I was at the Giant Shepton Flea, which is always a great event. Only trouble was, the sunshine was so glorious, that not many punters turned up, as they either headed for the beach, or couldn't face wandering around a field in very hot conditions!!!


The weather has been a bit of a theme recently ...

I couldn't do last month's Bridport Vintage Market, as the forecast was for heavy showers. Only to be told later that, apart from one shower, it was gorgeous weather all day!!!

And so to next Sunday's market, guess what the forecast is saying??

Yup, heavy showers ....

So do I chance it and go, or stay at home and regret it later??!!

Watch this space!!!


Very pleased to announce that I'll be back at the Langport Vintage Market on 31st July.

I did a few of these pre-Covid, and they were brilliant, so I'm really looking forward to being back there.

I've bagged an undercover pitch as well, so at least I don't have to monitor the weather forecast quite so much!


Have been working on many upcycling and restoration projects, mostly bits of small Mid-Century furniture.

Is very satisfying to bring these things back to life, and I often keep them as original as possible.

One reason being, I absolutely loath vintage furniture being painted grey!!!!!

The next issue of my digital magazine ARTPIX has completely stalled ... !

BUT!! I plan on picking it up again in September.

The basic design had been done, but I needed to write the blimmin thing, which was why I lost all faith in it. The first issue did cause a ripple of interest, so I do need to get cracking on it again!

I'll update on progress, and may sneak in a few previews!!!


Plans for a shop/unit have also stalled.

I've long hoped to have my own space to do what I want in, but...

Covid being the first obvious reason, but also a lack of any options in a reasonable distance from ArtPix Towers. Is still on the backburner though.

I do, however, have my very successful unit in The Customs House emporium down on West Bay seafront in Dorset.

Sales have been flying this year, which has been a massive boost to the coffers and the confidence.

I also sell on the Facebook Marketplace, which is an excellent way for selling vintage items.

Do please check me out on there.

That's it for now!

I know blogs are the last thing people can be bothered to read, but as a very small independent trader, these are still vital platforms to get our stuff out there and our voices heard.

So thank you to my loyal band of followers!!!!

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