Sunday, 17 January 2021


Absolutely no sign of any normality breaking out in the vintage world yet.

Flea Markets and boots are still way off in the distance, and don't even bother thinking about indoor fairs.

My unit at the emporium down at The Customs House in West Bay is still firmly shut as well.

So it's still very much buying and selling online for me and many others.


Not great, but it gives me the chance to sell stuff, (and buy stuff!!).

Please keep on checking the Facebook Marketplace for my vintage goodies.


I also have absolutely tonnes of football stuff that will one day go online.

For instance, I found what I thought were fairly innocuous looking 90s Merlin trade cards of various players in the ArtPix Storeroom the other day. When I had a quick look on Ebay, people are flogging these cards at up to £65 each!!!!! 

I was gonna sell the whole lot for a tenner, so it pays to check first!!

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