Sunday, 9 August 2020


Feeling a little low last night, I thought I would see if any of my old photos would inspire me to do something creative ...


And lo and behold I came across a photo of dear old Battersea Power Station.


Which raised a smile, as it's such an iconic and recognisable London landmark.


What I didn't know until today, is that the building is actually made up of two separate power stations, each with their two chimneys, built at different stages.


The first started in 1929, then the next one, bolted onto the first, finished in 1941. 


The fabulous futuristic Art Deco style always made it one of my favourite buildings.


My pic was taken in 2009, (which already feels like a lifetime ago!), and sees the old lady still resting having been decommissioned long before.


It was also before the corporate suits and money finally got their hands on it and destroyed the vibe of the place. 


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