Monday, 29 October 2018


Here is an amazingly cute annual from 1940 ...

It features the adventures of a boy called Japhet and a bear named Happy.
He lives with his parents, Mr and Mrs Noah, a couple of cousins, and Fido the dog, all in a house somewhere in South West London.

The cartoon was created by J.F. Horrabin, who was an intriguing character. He was a journalist, cartoonist and cartographer, but also a Labour MP for Peterborough between 1929-1931.
He also created the brilliant Dot and Carrie cartoon strip that ran in The Star for over 40 years.

Japhet and Happy started life as a daily cartoon strip in The Daily News in 1919. It was then transferred over to the News Chronicle in 1930.

This annual is the usual collection of the year's strips all in one book. But considering it was for the year 1940, wartime printing restrictions obviously hadn't quite kicked in yet. It has a generous amount of colour plates and colour added on to many of the inside illustrations.
Which all gives it a lovely, rich texture to the exquisite drawings.

Japhet heading off for another adventure!

One of the many colour plates, this time featuring a very cool looking Happy sunbathing!!

Great example of the added colour that makes the illustrations spring to life even more. 

Horrabin had a odd way of portraying Mr and Mrs Noah, drawing them almost as wooden puppets, with very short arms.

This is Adelaide the ostrich, who also appeared quite a lot in the stories!

And to finish off, another cute pic of Happy!

If this annual would make you happy, then no worries, because I'm bringing it along to the VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR at Wells Town Hall on 10th November!!!
See you there!!!

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