Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Got a random item here to show you!
A slightly mysterious cigarette tin ...

It was produced by the Mal-Kah Cigarette Co. Ltd, who were based in New Bond Street, London. It held 50 of their own brand of cigarettes, in what was probably a promotional tin or even to be given as a gift.

It looks and feels like it dates to before the First World War, possibly early 1900s.
But that is about all I can tell you, as there doesn't seem to be much information about this company.

I even looked in my old copy of Murray's Guide to Cigarette & Other Trade Cards, to see if they ever made any cigarette cards. But no luck, as they aren't listed anywhere. 
Which is strange as they were always used as a handy way of boosting sales, making people desperately buying more packs to complete a set of cards!

So we have possibly have a rare tin on our hands?!

And lucky you, because if you pop down to Wimborne Market in Dorset this Saturday, you will find it on my stall!!!
Please form an orderly queue!

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