Friday, 9 February 2018


I've booked up a stall to appear at this fantastic toy fair on Sunday 25th March!!

It's something new for me, but as I have loads of toys and games I thought I would give it a go.
I did a reccie at the last fair they did last month and it was absolutely buzzing!

So I've been rooting around the ArtPix Storeroom for any toy-related stuff and I've found some real gems.
A lot of them are things I had as a kid, so instead of it all just sitting in boxes doing nothing, it would be great if someone else can enjoy them. In exchange for big wads of cash of course!!

When I was a little-un I was obsessed with toy cars, so had a whole traffic jam of them.
Looking at them now you can see which ones I had first of all, as they are covered in paint, when I went on mad painting sprees!!
Then later on I was super-careful to keep them in mint condition, so luckily I've got loads in their original boxes. Gold dust for collectors nowadays!

Here are three examples of the type of stuff lurking in the ArtPix Storeroom.

I think I must have inherited this, as this Comma Bottle Float made by Matchbox, dates from the 1960s. Unfortunately it fell victim to one of my paint jobs!! I've tried to rescue it and scrape away all the various colours, and have revealed some of the original pale green colour.

Another Matchbox classic, the Dragster from 1970. This is the original box which looks in good nick. The fantastic car, in garish pink,  opens up to show an awesome engine.

Check out this brilliant James Bond Aston Martin!
This is the 2nd issue made by Corgi in the late 70s. And yes, it has its original box!!

It even has the original price sticker on it!
The princely sum of £2-84 from the long-forgotten Owen Wallis toy shop which was down Southend's High Street.

The car is well-known for its many special features, which included the brilliant ejector seat. It deposited the baddie onto the carpet. Just make sure the dog doesn't run off with him though!!

It also has machine guns and sticky-out bumpers, which could be handy when parking in a tight space, to shunt another car out of the way.

And a shield at the back in case anyway decides to fire a gun at you.

Here's the Aston with all the features showing.

I'll blog about some of the other treasures that I'll bring along to the toy fair very soon.
So start saving up now!!!

And if that isn't enough, I've got more news of other events I'll be doing this year, stay tuned right here!

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