Friday, 20 October 2017


Have been at the PVA glue again!!!

I rescued this lovely bench from a house in Portland that was having its contents unceremoniously dumped in the front garden, (I asked permission to take it first of course!!!), and decided it deserved a second chance.

So out came some old copies of the Beano and Dandy, plus tins of red paint and varnish, and I got to work transforming the bench.

I love doing decoupage, it makes a nice change from doing digital collages as well, and although using old comics is completely unoriginal(!), it was good fun to do.

The drawings in the comics are exquisite when you look at them closely, and are still absolutely timeless. 
And because the paper used on them was so thin and not brilliant quality, by doing endless coats of varnish, the colours suddenly spring out at you, and brings them to life even more.

This is the Beano side of the bench!

And here is Desperate Dan keeping an eye on the Dandy side!

A detail from the bench of Korky the Cat, who first appeared in the Dandy in the very first issue on 4th December 1937.

And here is the Beano's Minnie the Minx! This brilliantly drawn character first arrived on the scene in 1953.

So if you see a poor, abandoned bit of furniture in the street, rescue it and give it a new home!

Or, as the bench is now in my unit at The Customs House in West Bay, Dorset, you can buy this one and give that a lovely new home!! 

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