Saturday, 28 May 2016


At the recent Ally Pally antique fair I picked  up some amazing magazines....

These outrageous deliciously Deco French cinema gems called POUR VOUS.
Translating to 'For You', I'm afraid they are going to be all for me, as I love them too much!!!

They all date to the late 1930s and have fabulous front covers that absolutely scream Art Deco style
With a gorgeous logo, huge and beautiful photographs of stars of the day, and a clever use of type that doesn't clutter up or get in the way of the stunning photos.

They are bold and innovative, as many of the magazines of the time were. 
Check them out here...

I've only quickly photographed them to show you, but I've recently just raided the ArtPix coffers to buy an all new A3 scanner! I'll be able to scan these in properly, as they are all A3 size, and maybe do some nice prints and frame them up. Let me know if you are interested!!

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