Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Here is another of my Southend Postcards series... the 1970s!!

A line-up of super 70s Southend items and a few iconic bits from the decade.

Classic knitting pattern dudes are enjoying a day out at the pier. The guy wearing his original Star Wars badge from 1977 and the girl with the fantastic shawl is taking a breather from all the fun, by sitting on the now sadly demised Bowling Lanes.

70s dude with his classic Star Wars badge!

Two great adverts give them some ideas of where to go, one for the famous Talk of the South (TOTS) club and another to admire the fabulous 70s decor at the Airport Hotel!

The TOTS advert came from this fantastic centenary supplement of the Southend Standard from 1973.

Older Southenders will remember the brilliant aircraft museum that used to be at the airport near the groovy hotel.
Also, check out the that brilliant Ford Cortina driving precariously down the pier!

If the 70s are your fave decade, check out my SUPER SEVENTIES collage, part of my DAZZLING DECADES series:

My popular Super Seventies collage.

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